Bear Safety Tips

Warmer temperatures mean that the Earth is waking up after winter's deep sleep. Deciduous trees are breaking dormancy with fresh displays of foliage and flowers, and the outdoors are brimming with blooming vegetation. Bears are emerging from hibernation and prowling for sustenance. Although the majority of those who enjoy outdoor recreation never have a bear encounter, it's nonetheless wise to be prepared whenever you're in the wilderness.

One of the most important things to realize when developing a bear defense strategy is that although the majority of bears are predictable, there is always about a 5 percent wild card with bear behavior. Also, even though bear populations are most concentrated in rural parts of the American West, the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, there have nonetheless been sightings in all states except for Hawaii. Making a habit of carrying bear protection spray as part of your camping, picnicking, and hiking bear safety strategy minimizes chances of actual bear attacks during periods of outdoor recreation. Please feel free to contact SABRE for more information on bear safety products. Following are several bear safety tips designed to keep you and your companions as safe as possible while spending time in the great outdoors.

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