Which Jacket To Take?

This past weekend I ended up in the city of rocks. Now like most weekends I end up outside it’s always a question of what jacket am I going to take? Most of the time, while car camping I over prepare, and take three to four jackets / coats just to make sure I’m ready for everything. This weekend however I really wanted to test out the Copperfield Windbreaker from Enlightened Equipment. I know it doesn’t seem like much, or look like it f or that matter, but I was honestly impressed. Between that and my main puffy I think I found the perfect balance of outer layers.

Sure, I wore a flannel shirt underneath, but I found the Copperfield being that little extra layer you always wish you have, but never seem to want to pack. However, with the size and weight of the jacket, I can see this ending up with me in most if not all situations. Again, It’s just that little extra something that keeps you comfortable, and in the outdoors, that’s big.

think the thing I loved about the Copperfield was the durability. See, when companies send me gear to try out, I always put it to a few different tests. One of those tests is the extreme dumb test.Meaning at what point is this going to rip, break, bend and fold? I shoot to find the breaking point right off the bat. Why? I feel if I can find that point then I know when to take certain gear, and when not to. Or if I need to do more research in finding the perfect gear for myself.Another test Ido, that’s along the same lines is to see how my dog will ruin it. Although I love my dog, he gets a little excited sometimes, and then therefore jumps up on me, and or grabs my arm. If things can’t stand up to him, what’s the point? He’s broken more tents, popped more air pads, than not, and although it does cost me some money, and or replacements, I’ve found the stuff that works for me, and more importantly him, and Enlightened Equipment is one of those things