Copperfield Wind Shirt Custom

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The Copperfield Wind Shirt is so light it will disappear into your pack or pocket. Great for using alone or pairing with an insulating layer when you need to manage the wind and trap warmth that would otherwise be lost. Whether on foot, wheels, or water, the Copperfield will provide a high level of value to anyone who spends time outdoors. With a weight this low, there’s no reason not to take it.

*Be mindful in selecting 10D colors as some can be very transparent.


  • 10D fabric made of a customized, lightweight, and durable nylon that offers breathability (approx. 10 cfm) and comfort while blocking moderate wind.

  • Optional 20D ripstop nylon that has been customized to increase next to skin comfort and offers higher durability and wind resistance (approx 1 cfm).

  • Optional 7D micro ripstop nylon for lowest weight options (approx 35 cfm).
  • Ultralight design and materials resulting in weights starting at 1.74oz.

  • Hood includes an adjustable shock cord pull string to lock out drafts.

  • Raglan style sleeves to increase comfort and range of motion.

  • Elastic wrist closures.

  • Adjustable shock cord waist.

  • Full length zipper.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.

Sizes run about a half size large for layering purposes.

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2 Reviews

Bruno 9th Apr 2018

Cutting size is a bit two wide

A very good finished quality as all EE product. I purchase this jacket in 20D fabric and L size. When I recieved it, the jacket was a litle bit two wide for me arms, and Body, so I cutted fabric and took my sewing machine to ajusted it.
Now I have a 84g jacket in 20D, great to use on cold or windy conditions

John Abela 6th Feb 2018

A Really Good Wind Shirt!

Over the last few years, I have used and tested almost every wind jacket/shirt on the market. What EE has with their Copperfield is, I feel, a wind jacket that should be ranked amongst the highest of the wind jackets out there. Far better than many of the big name brand wind jackets.

For whatever this means, I have given away all of my other wind jackets (gave my zpacks wind jacket to a pct hiker while I was doing some trail angel work, and gave my montbell wind jacket away to a triple crowner that was heading out for another adventure and needed a wind jacket). So why did I choose to keep the Copperfield over those? For the type of activity that I do, it performs best. With all the different wind jackets on the market these days, with all the different wind resistance (cfm) and breathability of them, the days of a "one wind jacket to rule them all" is just not a thing anymore. So these days we just need to pick the fabric that will best work for the conditions we encounter the most.

As for features and all of that, the Copperfield is exactly what I want - a pretty much featureless wind jacket, like they should be. No stupid chest pocket. No hand pockets, or anything else like that. Wind jackets are not hard-shells, they do not need all those features.

The hood fits good for me, both with and without a hat, and with and without a beanie.

The only thing on my 'wishlist' would be to move up to a larger size zipper. Usually, when it is cold and windy, I am also wearing gloves, and trying to work those silly little zippers is just frustrating. A larger zipper could solve that issue at a minimal weight difference.

Overall, the Copperfield is a wind jacket/shirt worth buying if you are looking for a good, top end, wind jacket.

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