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Weighing in at 1.50oz or 1.90oz depending on size, our Pad Cover is a great way to add protection to your pad, while making it more comfortable to sleep on, and easier to clean. Just like a sheet on your bed at home, this cover can be easily pulled on or off with the simple overlapping closure on the back. We've included loops at the head-end to attach a pillow, and an access hole for the nozzle so you don't need to remove the cover to adjust inflation. When out on the trail, leave the cover on your pad the whole time, even when rolling it up. When you get home, pull the cover off, and give it a good rinse for the next trip.

Our cover uses 10D nylon for the bottom, micro-ripstop 7D for the top, and was designed to fit the regular and long Therm-a-rest® mummy shaped NeoAir® XTherm®, and XLite® pads, but should also fit other Therm-a-rest® pads of the same shape and size.

Regular pad size: 72" x 20" x 2.5" Mummy shaped

Long pad size: 77" x 25" x 2.5" Mummy shaped

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4 Reviews

Joe 4th Aug 2017

Pad Cover

A great item that should add a little protection to the expensive pad and make for a drier nights sleep. I plan to use with my quilt. Well worth the minimal added weight.

jim Schifferns 30th Jul 2017

A little too slippery for my tastes

Maybe it's the way I sleep but I found this to be too slippery (I'm a side sleeper). I was constantly sliding off my Thermarest X-therm pad even on absolutely level surfaces. My tent floor is cuben fiber and the pad slide around quite a bit on that too. Not sure exactly why I bought this as I always sleep with a base layer to preserve my quilts. As I said, maybe its the way I sleep.

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