[PRODUCTION 2ND] Conundrum - Draft Collar - 850 - 10°F (-12°C) - Regular/Regular - Yellow 10D/Charcoal 10D (208421.99)

29.60 Ounces

Fully Functional Quilt - The Conundrum

Issues with Quilt: Shell, Needle marks along the top edge and in the 4rth, 5th, and 6th baffle chamber from the right they are taped. Folded fabric at the bottom of zipper topstitch. Liner, Needle marks along the top edge and under the draft collar.

The Conundrum Sleeping Quilt pairs a sewn closed footbox with a ¾ length zipper, making it our warmest product, and is our most traditional hybrid sleeping bag. Best for cold weather and those who enjoy a more traditional sleeping bag design. The Conundrum also features a 3/4 length zipper so you can easily vent, or position the opening under you and use it as a sleeping quilt.

Even with the full coverage the Conundrum offers, it still weighs less than most sleeping bags on the market thanks to our ultralight materials and no-fuss design.

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Every Quilt comes with:

- A set of Standard Straps that fit any pad 25" in Width or lower. If you have a wider pad take a look at our XWide Pad Straps.

- One Cotton Storage Bag.

- One Silnylon Stuff Sack.

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