[PRODUCTION 2ND] Conundrum - Draft Collar - 850 - 20°F (-6°C) - Reg/Reg - Charcoal 10D/Coyote 10D (219180.03)

25.03 Ounces

Fully Functional Quilt - The Conundrum

Issue with Quilt: Baffle seams, at the top and bottom of the quilt, are wider than production 1st allowances.

The Conundrum Sleeping Quilt pairs a sewn closed footbox with a ¾ length zipper, making it our warmest product, and is our most traditional hybrid sleeping bag. Best for cold weather and those who enjoy a more traditional sleeping bag design. The Conundrum also features a 3/4 length zipper so you can easily vent, or position the opening under you and use it as a sleeping quilt.

Even with the full coverage the Conundrum offers, it still weighs less than most sleeping bags on the market thanks to our ultralight materials and no-fuss design.

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Every Quilt comes with:

- A set of Standard Straps that fit any pad 25" in Width or lower. If you have a wider pad take a look at our XWide Pad Straps.

- One Cotton Storage Bag.

- One Silnylon Stuff Sack.

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