[PRODUCTION 2ND] Itasca - 850 - 30°F (-1°C) - Midnight 7D/Graphite 7D (210613)

33.50 Ounces

Fully Functional Quilt - The Itasca

Issue with Quilt: Shell, Fabric pulling on both sides of the center baffle line.

The Itasca is a lightweight and ultra-cozy down comforter that’s perfect for your RV, cabin, backyard tenting, or even your couch. Measuring as a queen-size comforter, it provides tons of room to snuggle, and it’s a great option for couples or families camping in warmer weather.

The Itasca has the same loft height and high quality materials as our other quilts, and it features U-shaped baffles just like the Revelation and Enigma. Other than that, it’s just a cozy, high-performance blanket.

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The Itasca comes with:

- One Cotton Storage Bag.

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