[PRODUCTION 2ND] Men's Copperfield Pants - Medium - 32'' Inseam - Black 10D (6255.35)

1.35 Ounces

Fully Functional Apparel - The Copperfield Pants

Issue with Pants: Shell, Needle marks along the waistband on the back left side and on the inseam of the left pant leg towards the top. Small fold 2" down from the needle marks on the inseam of the left leg. 

The Copperfield Wind Pants are so light it will disappear into your pack or pocket. Great for using alone or pairing with an insulating layer when you need to manage the wind and trap warmth that would otherwise be lost. Whether on foot, wheels, or water, the Copperfield will provide a high level of value to anyone who spends time outdoors. With a weight starting at 1.02 oz (29g), there’s no reason not to take it.

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Sizes run about a half size large for layering purposes.

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