[PRODUCTION 2ND] Men's Torrid Pullover - Hood - Medium - Charcoal 10D/Salmon 7D (217375)

7.90 Ounces

Fully Functional Apparel - The Torrid Pullover

Issues: Liner: Fabric flaw (taped and backtacked over) on the right side of the back panel.

The Torrid Pullover is our best selling Torrid Jacket but with a marsupial pouch and a 1/2 length zipper. With weights starting under 8oz, the Torrid Pullover packs an incredible warmth to weight ratio. The Climashield APEX synthetic insulation keeps you warm even when wet, and the marsupial pouch is great for colds hands, maintaining battery life for electronics, or stashing your snacks! The pouch is insulated on both sides, making the Torrid Pullover a slightly warmer option then the Torrid Jacket. The pouch's high side ensure that the items stored within stay put.

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Sizes run about a half size large for layering purposes.

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