[PRODUCTION 2ND] Revolt V2 - 850 - 20°F (-6°C) - Reg - Forest 10D/Charcoal 10D (6201.87)

24.36 Ounces

Fully Functional Underquilt - The Revolt V2

Issue with Quilt: Excessive folds along the top of the quilt. Runs and worn material at the top/right seam,.Needle holes at the top/center.

The Revolt V2 is an underquilt designed to keep your backside warm while you’re in a hammock. Now with vertical baffles, the Revolt V2’s adaptable suspension system can be used with almost any hammock. It comes in both a short (55" length) and regular (80" length) version. The regular sized version provides full body warmth, and the short version relies on booties and/or a sit pad to help insulate your feet.
Easy-to-reach shock cords attach to your hammock ridgeline and allow you to fine-tune the position of the Revolt V2 easily while lying down. Shock cords along the head and foot ends let you adjust the fit for warmer or colder nights. The regular sized V2 also has shock chords that allow for specific footbox adjustments.

The Revolt V2 features a differential cut, meaning the outer fabric is larger than the inner fabric, so the down stays fully lofted even when the underquilt is pulled snug against your hammock.

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Every Quilt comes with:

2 x 18′ 3/32″ shock cord for suspension.

- Two EE Mini-Carabiners 

- One Cotton Storage Bag.

- One Silnylon Stuff Sack.

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