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The Protege is designed specifically to help keep young children warm and happy while sleeping in the outdoors. Moisture resistant CLIMASHIELD™ Apex insulation keeps the quilt easy to clean after spills or accidents, and lets you and your child get back to enjoying your adventure!

Infants can sleep in the footbox of the quilt when flipped over, with the top half folded under for extra padding. At 56" long and 34" wide, the Protege is great for toddlers and little ones (up to 48"), to use just like mommy and daddy!


CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances.

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3 Reviews

Richard 25th Jan 2016

Excellent product, very warm

I bought this for my baby girl - ordered it not long after she was born. I got the lowest temp rating and digital camo/dayglo orange (why? because I could!) Last weekend I used it myself, inside my down sleeping bag, because I realised on a camping trip last year how incredibly warm this thing is for its weight. I camped out in -15C (5F) and with this added to my sleeping bag I was as warm as I would have been at home. Later, when it hit -21C in the city I had this in bed too! Obviously it's a bit small for a full grown adult. I look forward to using this with my daughter this year now she's turning one, and I am extremely confident it will keep her warm. Also, I want to commend the quality of construction & materials, which are excellent. Last, I got great service from the EE team, who happily shipped this to my US office so I could collect it on a business trip and not have to worry about shipping it to where I actually live. Thank you, and I am very pleased.

Steve 7th Jul 2015

Stays in place!

My daughter (3 1/2) tosses and turns a lot while sleeping. Her first sleeping bag was a typical kids mummy bag, and she would never stay in it right. I'd find her crawled three-quarters out of it in the middle of the night, or turned around with her face in the hood, or fallen off her mattress, or similar. With the protege, she sleeps much better while camping. The straps keep the quilt in place nicely on a 20" air mattress, even with lots of tossing and turning. She can (and has!) turned complete 360's under the quilt with everything staying mostly in place. The straps also keep her on the mattress, which is helpful when I'm the one sleeping next to her. The protege also worked well on a recent cabin trip as a blanket. The protege seems to keep her warm, too. She's not complained about being cold since we started using it, nor has she woken up whimpering (like she used to do when she'd crawl her way out of her old bag in the middle of the night).

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