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The Recon bivy is an ultralight camping solution designed to protect you from splashes, ground moisture, and bugs during all your adventures. A bathtub floor made with 15D waterproof silnylon keeps you dry when sleeping in wet conditions. The shell constructed of 10D nylon and mesh, maintains breathability, reduces drafts, and allows you to still see the world around you, while keeping the bugs at bay. A center zipper runs the length of the mesh window, which makes getting in and out super easy. A shock cord suspends the mesh, to give you more headroom, increasing comfort.

Using the Recon with a tarp is recommended for full weather protection.

This is the perfect addition to your pack to keep your sleep system simple, ultralight, and effective.

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  • 5.5” bathtub floor made with 15D waterproof silnylon, with stake loops, and stiffener, at the corners

  • 10D nylon footbox and side panels provide splash protection

  • Optional 7D micro ripstop nylon for lowest weight options.
  • Fabric colors may appear different from images shown due to rendering and monitor differences.

  • Large mesh window allows for breathability and visibility resulting in much less interior condensation than a full fabric top, while adding full bug protection.

  • Shaped three dimensional head and foot end give the bivy more interior space and reduce compression on the quilt/insulation

  • Shock cord and cord lock at head end of zipper allows bivy to be lifted for increased headroom

  • Shock cord and cord lock on footbox to lift bivy up and increase room for your feet.
  • Center zipper with two double sided pull sliders insures the exit is always within reach

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota


  • Stuff sack


  • Regular / Regular  -  Fits users up to 6’ tall with a girth up to 56”

  • Long / Wide  -  Fits users up to 6'6" tall with a girth up to 62”

  • Both sizes can fit a pad up to 77" x 25" x 2.5"

  • Pitched height at head end: 18"

  • Pitched height at foot end: 15"

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Recon Dimensions:

     Size                          Chest Girth     Foot Girth     Length
Regular / Regular            76"                 61"                82"
Long / Wide                     83"                 66"                87"
     Packed Dimensions: About 6" x 4" x 4" 
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14 Reviews

Paul N 2nd Jan 2019

Wow, that's small!

My aching back really appreciates the Recon Bivvy. It packs tiny and weighs less than the tarp that's hoisted above it. I hope the Recon will help this old-timer keep up with the boy scouts on the AP this April.

I bought the tall/wide custom version, and I'm completely satisfied with its roominess. The fabric is thin and strong. But, I've decided to use a footprint, just in case.

I like the mesh on top that controls condensation and gives me a closer connection to the outdoors. But, it was a little too chilly in November in NH.

Like the quilts, the quality and craftsmanship from Enlighten is superb. They underpromise and over deliver... especially on shipping custom products.

LANCE JAMES 20th Aug 2018

Best Bivy

Recon review

I’ve only managed a few nights in the Recon Bivy but it has become a game changer for my tarp setup’s.
Ventilation. I haven’t had any condensation in the bivy, (welcome change from less well ventilated bivy sacks).
1. Interior liveability. Yes, it's a small bivy, but there's plenty of room for me, my sleeping pad, clothing and any other equipment you want to keep from the elements. It can be tucked in the foot or along the sides of your pad in the bivy. Mind you, I use a thicker pad and pillow, so I only have about an inch or two of headroom when the bivy was zipped up. You'd have more if you used a thinner pad and pillow.
2. Packed size and weight! The Recon packs to the size of an orange, and the reg/reg weighs 7oz with the stuff sack.
3. Easy to get in and out! More bivvies’ need a long central zipper. It's easy to get in and out and load my pad and Revelation APEX quilt in through the opening. The zipper doesn't snag the way a bivy with a U-shaped zipper can and opens and closes with ease.
4. The solid panels help keep the wind out. There were some cool breezes where I was using it, and I barely noticed them when I was in the Recon. It's obviously not going to be as warm as a dedicated winter bivy, but they are prone to condensation.
1. The floor is slippery. This is a given with silnylon. If you're using it on an incline or decline, your pad will slide. I was on a bit of an incline, and I had to reposition my pad a few times throughout the night. You'll want to select your site carefully and ensure its flat enough.
2. If you can call this a con, the floor is very thin, and you'll want a groundsheet. I've gotten a lot of flak for this, but I always use one.
In Conclusion:
I really, really like this bivy. It's an excellent addition to my setup. This is what I would consider to be the perfect ultralight bivy. If you like solo tarp camping, and this may very well be the bivy for you. It'd also be great as a standalone shelter on a clear night and gives you a great view of the stars and wildlife.

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