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Revelation 850DT 10° Purple/Black

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These On The Shelf 10° Revelations use 850 DownTek treated down and have a 10D Purple exterior, and a 10D Black interior.

The Revelation top quilt is the most versatile quilt available. It uses a partially-zippered footbox (the zipper extends 20" from the foot to the back of your knees) which allows the footbox to quickly be opened or closed. Utilizing a simple yet adaptable attachment system, you can cinch the quilt edges down tight for cold weather, or open up for more ventilation when it’s warm, including opening the whole quilt and footbox flat like a blanket.

If you need a size, temperature, down fill, or color that isn't available here, consider ordering a custom Revelation quilt.


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1 Review

Brittany McCauley 18th May 2017


I am using this sleeping bag for the PCT. While I like the sizing of the product and it is very light weight, it doesn't keep me nearly as warm as my previously used 15 degree pack and this is a 10 degree pack. I am rather disappointed with the warmth factor as I am not warm at night even in 35-40 degree. My sleeping pad is rated for 15 degree temperatures and was just fine with other sleeping bags so I know that's not the problem. But, if you're just going for sizing and weight, you'll be good to go!

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