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Revelation 850DT 40° Forest/Black

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These On The Shelf 40° Revelations use 850 DownTek treated down and have a 10D Forest exterior, and a 10D Black interior.

The Revelation top quilt is the most versatile quilt available. It uses a partially-zippered footbox (the zipper extends 20" from the foot to the back of your knees) which allows the footbox to quickly be opened or closed. Utilizing a simple yet adaptable attachment system, you can cinch the quilt edges down tight for cold weather, or open up for more ventilation when it’s warm, including opening the whole quilt and footbox flat like a blanket.

If you need a size, temperature, down fill, or color that isn't available here, consider ordering a custom Revelation quilt.


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1 Review

Tom 21st Jun 2017

Blissful sleeping bag

This is a fantastic product. I bought it as a light weight summer bag and it will do that very well. I have been using the same sleeping bag for the past 20 years, a 20deg down Western Mountaineering bag that weighs just over 2lb. I have watched the slow development of sleeping bags through those 20 years but never saw anything that motivated me to upgrade. Some tweaks in the shape, replacement of the bottom with a pocket for a sleeping pad but no significant decrease in weight. Western Mountaineering still sells 20deg bags but they are only a few ounces lighter than my current bag. Not until I came across Enlightened Equipment. This bag is less than half the weight of my current sleeping bag and packs considerably smaller. Enough of a difference to make it worth spending money on new equipment. 40 deg is a great temperature rating for a summer bag. I'll mostly use this on kayaking trips in the Pacific Northwest. The shape is very functional. I've come to like using my bag as a quilt. This lets me comfortably move about and stretch out. As it gets colder the the foot box can be closed up and the bag connected to the pad for warmth. I can also undo the footbox and us this as a flat quilt. This will make a nice extra warm layer in a two person sleeping system that I have. Finally, the price is very reasonable. I call this product "blissful" because it lead to some very blissful nights of sleep. It is like a puff of air that keeps me warm.

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