Revelation Junior

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The Revelation top quilt is the most versatile quilt available. It uses a partially-zippered footbox (the zipper extends 20" from the foot to the back of your knees) which allows the footbox to quickly be opened or closed, and weighs only 1 gram more than using snaps. Utilizing a simple yet adaptable attachment system, you can cinch the quilt edges down tight for cold weather, or open up for more ventilation when it’s warm, including opening the whole quilt and footbox flat like a blanket. The Revelation is made-to-order just for you, without a custom price tag. Choose the specific down option, size, temperature rating, and fabrics you need to hit the performance you need with no unnecessary weight. This is the perfect quilt for canoeists, kayakers, hikers, climbers, and cyclists who need minimal weight while being able to adapt to any situation they may find on the trail. 


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2 Reviews

James 17th Aug 2015

Excellent - bought for a 5 year, will be pinched/borrowed by Dad

Excellent - bought for a 5 year, but this will be pinched/borrowed by Dad for lighter-season use, as it's a wonderful quilt. Beautifully made - a very happy 5 year old who ought to be able to use this for years.

AJ 19th Nov 2014

Finally, the PERFECT fit

As a 61" tall adult, this quilt fits me perfectly, is incredibly light, and compresses down to a third of the size of my old bag. WOW. It's also incredibly warm, versatile, and as a tosser-and-turner so much more comfortable than a mummy bag. The pad straps keep the quilt securely on the pad, no more sliding off! For the first time, I don't have to carry around an extra 6" of sleeping bag that takes up extra weight and space in my pack. One of the best investments in gear I have made so far. The customization options are fantastic, I love that I could build exactly the quilt I needed.

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