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Cold feet can be the end of a restful night, so slip on a pair of Sidekick Sleeping Booties and say goodnight. Ultralight and ultra-packable, the Sidekicks use synthetic insulation which offers warmth and comfort without losing loft to moisture and oils from your body, like other down options out there. Whether you’re spending a chilly night camping out on the trail or in your car, cold feet will no longer slow you down.

The Sidekicks are not a durable option for camp footwear, so be careful not to use them outside your shelter.


  • Our customized 10D or 7D nylon can be chosen for the interior, making these booties feel silky smooth on your feet.

  • 7D, 10D, or 20D can be chosen for the exterior, based on your weight or durability needs.

  • Adjustable shock cord at the ankle to keep warmth in and drafts out.

  • CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.

Sizing:         Men's                    Women's                  Kids' age 8-12

X-Small        4 and under          5.5 and under             3.5 and under

Small            4-5.5                     5.5-7                           3.5-5

Medium        6-7.5                     7.5-9                           5.5-7

Large            8-9                        9.5-10.5

X-Large        9.5-11.5                11-13

XX-Large     12-15                     13.5 - 15.5

CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances.

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29 Reviews

Brandon 27th Sep 2018

Sidekicks 4oz

I haven’t had a trip since my purchase to test them out in the cold, but everything EE makes is top quality and high performance gear. I can’t say enough good things about my quilt and apex torrid jacket. I am part of an adventure guide company that teaching new backpackers and I always expose my students to EE and how they can enhance their experience outdoors! Keep up the good work EE!

Bill 19th Sep 2018


These are total game changers for me. I always dreaded going to bed while camping or backpacking. No matter how many layers, pads, temp rating on the bag I was using - I'd always be miserable trying to sleep. Last fall I was putting hand warmers in my socks at night and was still awake tossing and turning and freezing to death.

I just used these for the first time. It was low 30's at night, and using the same setup I'd always used, I managed to stay toasty and comfortable all night. No tossing and turning, no shivering, no just wishing for morning. I'd just fall asleep then wake up when the alarm went off. This happened every night. It was wonderful.

If you're one of those people who loses all your warmth through your feet, cough up the dough and get a pair of these booties. They're super light and just fit in your sleeping bag as you stuff it. I wouldn't wear them around camp, they seem pretty delicate and they're now one of my most valuable (to me) pieces of gear I own. If I was on the trailhead and realized I'd forgotten my booties, I'd rather turn back and get them than go in without. I'll never not have these with me.

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