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If you need a little extra warmth for your feet when camping, the Sidekick Sleeping Booties have you covered. Lightweight synthetic insulation offers warmth and comfort without losing loft to moisture and oils from your body. They are not a durable option for camp footwear, so be careful not to use them outside your shelter. Kids will love the X-Small!

Sizing:         Mens                    Womans

X-Small        4 and under          5.5 and under

Small            4-5.5                     5.5-7

Medium        6-7.5                     7.5-9

Large            8-9                        9.5-10.5

X-Large        9.5-11.5                11-13

XX-Large     12-15                     13.5 - 15.5

CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances.

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19 Reviews

david Paradis 16th Dec 2017


Truly bliss to sleep with these wonderful booties. I nearly burst with excitement when I slipped them on for the first time, so silky, so poofy, so... Purple! Nothing ruins a night sleep for me like ice cold feet. Never again. There is little to no chance that my feet will ever get cold with these on! I have tested them down to -5 F now with my winter sleep setup (a 20 degree ENIGMA inside of a 40 degree CONVERT) Toasty as pie all night long!!! Easily my biggest sleeping issue is now solved at a mere 2 oz. weight penalty this is totally worth it to me. thanks EE crew!

rockytrailwalker 16th Oct 2017

Solved my Worst Sleeping Problem

My feet are the last part of me to get warm sleeping. Sidekicks have totally solved that! Even wool socks and such have never kept my feet as warm as I'd like. Now, even in the upper 30's, my feet are no longer an issue, even if they sometimes slip out from under my quilt! Love them! I'd give a 5, but they seem rather delicate, so long term durability is still a question.... (and at half the price, they'd get a 5 anyway.....)

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