Introducing The 2020 Trailblazer Program

Hey There Long Distance Hikers!

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new Trailblazers Program! Created to support and showcase the adventures of a select handful of badass long distance hikers, this year’s inaugural 8 ambassadors will each be equipped with $1000+ in EE gear and apparel of their choosing. Applicants must be passionate about EE, hiking a long trail in 2020 (1000+ miles), active on social media, and excited about the prospect of representing Enlightened Equipment both on trail and online.

Apply by January 24th to be considered.

Who Is Eligible?

-Applicants must be hiking a long trail in 2020 (1000+ Miles).

-Applicants must be passionate about hiking, super fans of EE, and excited about showcasing their journey to a broader audience!

-Applicants must have a willingness to create and share consistent social media content during their hike(s). Minimum 3-5 Photos a month. Videos and stories encouraged!

-Applicants must be capable of creating quality photo content.

-Applicants must be open to the possibility of additional and sporadic collaboration: Examples: videos updates from trail, and IG takeovers. You know... the fun stuff!

Length Of Program:

1 Year

What You Get As An Ambassador

-$1000 of gear and apparel (of your choosing) from Enlightened Equipment.

-A consistent sharing and telling of your story through EE social media platforms, website, and newsletter.

-Periodic resupply boxes!

-Early access to new product releases.

-A community of fellow awesome ambassadors!

What We Expect

-An enthusiasm for promoting EE products both on trail and online!

-A consistent sharing of quality photos.

-Mentions and shouts via social media when applicable and genuine.

-An eagerness to communicate with fellow ambassadors and participate wholeheartedly in the program!

-A general willingness to collaborate in ways not yet imagined or planned.

Ready To Apply?