Accomplice Pad Straps

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Quilt Straps *

Sold as a pair. Need an extra set of straps for your accomplice? You have come to the right place!

Standard Accomplice Straps: These are the same straps included with the Accomplice double-quilt. They will work with two pads up to 25" each.

XWide Accomplice Straps: These straps are for users with two pads that are each 25-30" wide.

Double Wide Accomplice Pad Straps: These straps are specifically intended for use with large, two-person camping pads.

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4 Reviews

Steve Engquist 12th May 2018

Accomplice Pad Straps - X Wide

Works fine. Only negative is that the buckles are hard to open

Ryder Bergerud 3rd Jan 2018

Elastic straps don't work.

Was looking forward to trying out a light-weight alternative to the thermarest couple-kit. Put too much faith in the EE brand and took these straps out right away on a winter cycling/backpacking trip. Bad idea. Even with adding a knot to take up 6 or 7 inches of strap on either side, we kept getting a several inch gap between our neoairs. We also used three straps.

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