Accomplice Pad Straps

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Sold as a pair. Need an extra set of straps for your accomplice? You have come to the right place!

Standard Accomplice Straps: These are the same straps included with the Accomplice double-quilt. They will work with two pads up to 25" each.

XWide Accomplice Straps: These straps are for users with pads 25-30" wide.

Double Wide Accomplice Pad Straps: These straps are specifically intended for use with large, two-person camping pads.

2 Reviews

Sarah 27th Jan 2017

Great system

I've been using the standard pad straps with two 25" wide torso-length pads for a while. This was perfectly fine for warmer weather, but I like my pads to be on the softer side which created a cold gap between the two pads during the winter. We just grabbed an Exped Synmat Hyperlite Duo so that we could have a full-length pad during the winter (with no gaps!) and got the double wide pad straps to go along with it. The pad straps fit perfectly and EE shipped them out in only a couple of days. Overall, both sets of straps are nice and simple. It can be slightly difficult to undo the clips with frozen hands or gloves on, but it's not too bad and you can always loosen the clips and slide out of the top of the quilt. I love that the clips are easy to adjust from inside the quilt, too.

Susan 7th Sep 2016

double wide works with camper mattress

I use my revelation quilt everywhere, whether in a tent or in my camper. I ordered the double wide straps to go around the 3"thick approximately twin-width camper mattress. Works fabulously.

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