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The Hoodlum is a standalone replacement for full head and neck insulation. Whether used with your sleep system, or your jacket, the Hoodlum moves with you, while still providing the warmth you need.


  • 10D fabric made of a customized, lightweight and durable nylon that offers breathability (approx. 10 cfm) and comfort, while blocking moderate wind.

  • Optional 20D ripstop nylon offers higher durability, and wind resistance (approx 1 cfm).

  • Optional 7D micro ripstop nylon for lowest weight options (approx 35 cfm).

  • Ultralight design and materials, resulting in weights starting at just 1.3oz.

  • CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation.

  • Adjustable shock cord to secure the Hoodlum to your head, or flip to the front and close the opening over your eyes.

  • Snaps down the front of the collar to close when the temperature drops.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.

CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances.


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34 Reviews

Tim Havens 19th Feb 2018

Hoodlum Happiness

With the explanation that I have not yet used the Hoodlum with my quilt I am very happy. I've used this with both a hoodless down jacket, and with a hardshell, and both times my head was kept plenty warm. (Major issue for us bald people!) Based on the way this extends and snaps, I don't foresee issues using with my quilt at night.

Bryan 19th Jan 2018

great for sleepin

If you use a quilt for sleeping and get a cold head, this is for you. The only quibble is with the tie-back that can get into weird spots if you roll around in your sleep. It might benefit from a smaller profile retaining piece...

An amazing complement to a light puffy jacket too during long breaks in winter hiking.

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