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The Hoodlum is designed to be the perfect head warming accessory for your Enlightened Equipment top quilt, though it can also be used entirely on its own when out on an adventure. Using our ultralight breathable fabrics, and synthetic insulation for warmth, this will keep your head and face warm in all situations, wet or dry. The Hoodlum face enclosure can be left open or snapped closed, to leave more or less airflow as desired. A thin, light shock cord runs over the forehead and around to the back of the hood, which allows you to comfortably secure it to your head, allowing you full range of motion without obstructing visibility, and when you want the hood to cover your eyes to sleep, just pull the cord over the front of the hood and cinch it down tight. One size fits most. 

CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances. 

Sizing: Based on head circumference

     Size                          Fits up to
     Small                              21" 
     Medium                          23"
     Large                              25"




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34 Reviews

Tim Havens 19th Feb 2018

Hoodlum Happiness

With the explanation that I have not yet used the Hoodlum with my quilt I am very happy. I've used this with both a hoodless down jacket, and with a hardshell, and both times my head was kept plenty warm. (Major issue for us bald people!) Based on the way this extends and snaps, I don't foresee issues using with my quilt at night.

Bryan 19th Jan 2018

great for sleepin

If you use a quilt for sleeping and get a cold head, this is for you. The only quibble is with the tie-back that can get into weird spots if you roll around in your sleep. It might benefit from a smaller profile retaining piece...

An amazing complement to a light puffy jacket too during long breaks in winter hiking.

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