LineLoc 3 Tensioner

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This nifty device that makes tensioning your guylines quick and easy. Pull your cord to tighten and lift the thumb tab to loosen. The LineLoc works well with most 2.5mm to 3mm cord and also with our reflective cord.

Simply attach the lock to the guyline, thread the cord through, and pull the line to keep your shelter secure. LineLocs are easily attached (and removed) from tie-outs. 

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Polyacetal/ABS

  • Fits up to 3/16 cord
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1 Review

Jeff Suber 11th Oct 2020

Keep it tight!

I recently began discovering backpacking again and have been doing it for the past 46 years. Read a lot about ultralight gear using line like systems and decided to change out some of my tension systems on tents and tarps and these are awesome. I used 6” of reflective 2.7mm to secure to tents and tarps. And ran appropriate amount to tension on each device. Works great and takes a few ounces off the existing systems. Best deal I found was right here where I plan on buying summer and winter quilts along with new rain jacket and apex jacket.

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