Mini Carabiner

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The word Carabiner originally came from the German phrase "Karabinerhaken," or "spring hook. These mini-biners weigh a slight 0.12oz (3.5g) each. They're great for keeping keys together, hanging small accessories off your pack, or even for really quick set up of tarps or underquilts.

These carabiners should never be used for climbing purposes, or for suspending something or someone where failure could result in injury or death.

1 5/8" Long x 1" Wide

.12oz (3.5g)

Sold Individually

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1 Review

ATOM HOY 4th May 2017

Lightweight and high quality

These are great for backpacking. Super light weight and durable. Uses: - Connect an Under Quilt to your hammock. - Connect tarp guy lines to trees vs stakes if you are looking for more ventilation - On backpack to connect small items.

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