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We know accidents can sometimes happen on the trail. With these adhesive patches, you can repair your gear in the field and rest assured it is a durable, permanent fix for most tear damage. If you don't think you'll need the whole sheet, you can cut the material to size, and only carry what you'll need on trail. See repair instructions here.



  • Kit includes 14 pre-cut pieces, and an uncut 8 inch x 10 inch sheet of patch material, along with instructions for patching your gear
  • Durable polyester patch material with strong adhesive
  • Material patches holes on any of our 7D, 10D or 20D fabrics and most of your other gear, including tents, packs and clothing
  • It will not stick to silnylon
  • Patch can be moved immediately after placement if you make a mistake (but we know you won't)
  • Adhesive bond cures overnight
  • Patch material can be washed with your gear according to our washing instructions
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3 Reviews

Michael Schlimmer 29th Mar 2021

good bang for the buck!

looks like a couple big sheets of tenacious tape. works pretty good!!
Pretty cheap for what you get.

Ethan 1st Jan 2021

Patch Kit

Like an idiot I got my enlightened equipment jacket sleeve way to close to my cook stove, and melted a small hole in the wrist of the sleeve. This patch kit was super easy to use and the self stick patch works great. It has already lasted through a couple rough hikes AND my everyday use of the jacket. I highly recommend everyone who uses EE gear buys this kit ahead of time just in case. My only complaint is that it only comes in black, and my jacket is green, but for a person who cares more about utility over looks, like myself, it’s no problem at all.

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