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The Una Stove is a titanium double wall wood stove designed for the ultralight backpacker who enjoys using nature’s fuel to cook their meals. This stove is comprised entirely of titanium (every component) which allows it to be strong yet extremely light. Simply fill the fire box with small twigs and ignite. The open pot stand allows significant airflow as well as fire box access to continue to feed the fire until a boil is achieved. Once you have reached a boil, remove your pot and allow the stove to air cool.



  • The pot stand will fit inside the firebox completely when not in use

  • Consists of 2 titanium profiles that interconnect in the center and rest on the rim of the upper lip

  • The fire box is suspended by the inside rim of upper lip

  • The outer wall attaches the upper lip to the lower base which has an ash pan across the opening to stop ashes from the fire box touching the floor

  • Has incorporated slots on the edge to empty out the ashes after cooking

  • Weight: 2.54 oz. (71 grams)

  • Packed Size: 4.0" Diameter x 3/5" Tall

  • Assembled Size: 4.0" Diameter x 4.75" Tall

  • Handmade by Suluk46 so weights may slightly vary

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