At Enlightened Equipment, we pride ourselves on being one of the front-runners in the ultralight gear community. Every day, we’re pushing the envelope of what is possible and creating products that are always getting lighter and better.

In 2018 alone, we added 7D as a fabric choice, broadened our Torrid apparel line, increased our down fill numbers to 10% overstuff, introduced the Snow Wrap, and more.

Innovation is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and we wouldn’t be satisfied if our products didn’t reflect our newest ideas and discoveries. After all, when EE started out, the only thing we made was the Revelation!

Enter the 2019 updates, reflecting a company that’s committed to building on a strong foundation and continuously improving our work so it’s the best it can be, at a price that gets more folks outside.

What’s new for 2019:

Launching a Women’s Copperfield Wind Shirt and Wind Pants: The Women’s Copperfield line will feature a women’s specific cut for a more comfortable fit through the waist and hips. The Women’s Copperfield Wind Shirt will cover the same sizing range as the Women’s Torrid APEX Jacket, and it’s cut to perfectly layer over the Torrid. The Women’s Copperfield Wind Pants will fit waists from 25 inches to 44 inches, and will be available in inseams from 26-34 inches across all waist sizes.

Updates to the Men’s Copperfield Wind Shirt and Wind Pants: The Men’s Copperfield Wind Shirt will have an updated hood toggle closure at the neck, for a more comfortable fit against the chin. Men’s Copperfield Wind Pants will have increased sizing options, with inseams from 28-36 inches across all waist sizes, which fit waists from 30-49 inches.

Updates to the Itasca and Accomplice baffle patterns: The Itasca will now have our signature U-shaped baffle, and the Accomplice will now have continuous baffles running up to the top of the quilt.

30% overstuff on all down quilts: We’re moving from our previous 10% overstuff to a 30% overstuff across the board on all our down quilts and sleeping bags. This means all our down products will have 30% more down filling than they technically need for a given temperature rating. The change to 30% overstuff is geared toward minimizing the likelihood of down migration during use.

The change is effective on custom down products purchased on or after January 2nd, 2019. For stock products, we will have most updated to 30% overstuff on January 2nd, 2019 as well, with the remaining few products updated within a couple weeks. All pricing and weights displayed on will be correct for the amount of down in a given item.