Sleeping Bags vs Quilts

What is a sleeping quilt?

A sleeping quilt is a type of sleeping bag that is open at the back and does not have a hood. Quilts are becoming increasingly popular among backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts because they are lighter and more versatile than traditional sleeping bags.

How is a sleeping quilt different from a sleeping bag

  • Hood: Sleeping bags typically have a hood that loosely surrounds the head and tapers above the shoulder. Quilts do not have a hood.
  • Coverage: Sleeping bags fully enclose the wearer, while quilts partially enclose the user. Quilts have no “back” material where the sleeping pad is.
  • Footbox: Sleeping bags typically have a fully enclosed footbox. Quilts can have a fully enclosed footbox, an open footbox, or an adjustable footbox.
  • Fit: Sleeping bags are generally one size fits all, but can be made in a few different shapes: rectangular, semi-rectangular, and mummy. Quilts are typically made in mummy or rectangular shapes.
  • Weight: Quilts are typically lighter than sleeping bags because they do not have a hood or a fully enclosed footbox.
  • Ventilation: Quilts can be more ventilated than sleeping bags because they do not have a fully enclosed footbox. This can be helpful in warm weather.

Why choose a sleeping quilt?

  • Lightweight: Quilts are typically lighter than sleeping bags, which can be a major advantage for backpackers and other hikers.
  • Versatile: Quilts can be more versatile than sleeping bags because they can be used in a wider range of conditions. For example, you can open up the footbox of a quilt in warmer weather for ventilation.
  • Comfortable: Quilts can be just as comfortable as sleeping bags, and some people even prefer the more open feeling of a quilt.
  • Affordable: Quilts can be more affordable than sleeping bags, especially if you are willing to go with a less expensive brand.

Things to consider when choosing a sleeping quilt

  • The climate: Quilts are generally a better choice for warmer weather, while sleeping bags are a better choice for colder weather.
  • Your personal preferences: Some people prefer the feeling of being fully enclosed in a sleeping bag, while others prefer the more open feeling of a quilt.
  • Your budget: Quilts can be more expensive than sleeping bags.
  • The features: Some quilts come with additional features, such as a fully enclosed footbox or an adjustable footbox. These features can add to the cost of the quilt, so it is important to decide which features are important to you.


Sleeping quilts are a great option for backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a lightweight and versatile sleeping bag. When choosing a sleeping quilt, it is important to consider the climate you will be using it in, your personal preferences, and your budget.

Additional Tips for choosing a sleeping quilt

  • Read reviews: Read reviews of different sleeping quilts to get an idea of the pros and cons of each model.
  • Try it out: If possible, try out different sleeping quilts before you buy one. This will help you find the quilt that is most comfortable for you.
  • Buy from a reputable retailer: When you buy a sleeping quilt, make sure you buy it from a reputable retailer. This will help ensure that you get a quality product.