Men's Torrid Pullover

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***This batch of Pullovers comes in Black 10D outside fabric and Charcoal 10D inside fabric only.***

The Men's Torrid Pullover is our best-selling Torrid Jacket but with a marsupial pouch and a 1/2 length zipper. With weights starting at 6.76 oz (192g), the Torrid Pullover packs an incredible warmth to weight ratio. The CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation keeps you warm even when wet, and the marsupial pouch is great for colds hands, maintaining battery life for electronics, or stashing your snacks! The pouch is insulated on both sides, making the Torrid Pullover a slightly warmer option than the Torrid Jacket. The pouch's high sides ensure that items stored within stay put.

With an adjustable waistband, adjustable hood, elastic cuffs, and a 1/2 front zipper for ventilation, the Torrid Pullover is slightly oversized to accommodate layers. The smooth ultralight nylon fabric has a durable water repellent finish for better performance in light precipitation.

Looking for colors or options beyond what is offered? Check out the Men's Torrid Pullover Custom.


  • 2oz/yd² CLIMASHIELD™ APEX insulation performs better than down in wet and humid conditions, dries quickly, packs small, and is easy to clean.
  • CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances. Read more about our Fills.


  • Ultralight nylon fabric. DWR finish. Available in Black 10D outside fabric, and Charcoal 10D inside fabric. Fabric colors might appear slightly different from images shown. Read more about our Fabrics.


  • For help picking the correct sizing, select the Fit and Sizing tab above or watch our Apparel Sizing Video.
  • Sizes run about a half size large for layering purposes.


  • Marsupial front pouch (insulated on both sides).
  • 1/2 front zipper for ventilation.
  • Built with no sewn-through seams to eliminate cold spots.
  • Raglan style sleeves to increase comfort and range of motion.
  • Elastic cuffs.
  • Adjustable shock cord waist, tucked inside front pouch.
  • Adjustable shock cord hood.
  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.
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  • Size Chart

Men's Size X-Small

Model Height: 5' 6" | Model Sleeve: 29.5" | Model Chest: 32.5" | Model Waist: 26" | Model Hips: 33.5"

Men's Size Small

Model Height: 6' 1" | Model Sleeve: 33" | Model Chest: 37" | Model Waist: 31" | Model Hips: 35"

Men's Size Medium

Model Height: 6' 0" | Model Sleeve: 34" | Model Chest: 39" | Model Waist: 34" | Model Hips: 37"

Men's Size Medium Tall

Model Height: 6' 3" | Model Sleeve: 34" | Model Chest: 39" | Model Waist: 35" | Model Hips: 41"

Men's Size Large

Model Height: 6' 0" | Model Sleeve: 36" | Model Chest: 44" | Model Waist: 36" | Model Hips: 39"

Men's Size XL

Model Height: 6' 2" | Model Sleeve: 34" | Model Chest: 44" | Model Waist: 44" | Model Hips: 46"

Men's Size 2XL

Model Height: 5' 11" | Model Sleeve: 35" | Model Chest: 56" | Model Waist: 52" | Model Hips: 51.5"

Men's Size 3XL

Model Height: 5' 9" | Model Sleeve: 33.5" | Model Chest: 53" | Model Waist: 50.5" | Model Hips: 50"


Note: You’re looking at the sewn specifications of the Men's Torrid APEX Jacket. This is not a size chart or sizing guide, but rather the finished measurements of the vest. For sizing information check out the Size Chart tab above.

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5 Reviews

Rick Reno 6th Dec 2021

Great kit with just a couple small issues...

I ordered one of these because I like my regular Torrid jacket so much, and true to their word they shipped it the day after I ordered and I got it in four days… this too is a terrific piece, though there are a few issues and I’m not 100% sure it’s worth having both his and the jacket. One or the other might make more sense, and in that case I’d prolly opt for the jacket. The insulation is great and really warm; holds up to wear well (I’ve had my jacket for over a year and beat it up); and works when wet. The DWR seems pretty durable and the fabric is surprisingly tough, as long as you keep it away from your Weber Grill. It squashes down nicely, even if it doesn’t pack into its own cute little pocket. Why only 4 stars, then? First issue: sizing. My XL jacket fits me (6’4”, 230#) great, but this is a little tight, especially getting it on and off over a couple layers. Second issue: the kangaroo pocket isn’t great for holding stuff other than gloves and a hat because anything smaller or less bulky (iPhone, wallet, Snickers…) is likely to fall out. Last issue: as my wife says, it looks like a garbage bag. I returned mine and ordered an XXL in navy blue with a red lining (hoping that’ll keep the boss happy!). The pocket I’ll just deal with. That brings us to the final issue: 7-9 weeks for custom orders!?! I’d be bummed to have to wait that long even if it weren’t so awesome!

Craig 16th Nov 2021

Torrid pullover…

I’m a short guy, 5’3” , but I do have a belly in my older life so I ordered the medium for extra space in my midsection and I am very happy with the fit. I hiked through the Smoky Mountains two weeks ago and carried this as my go to puffy. Never wore it while hiking but at each shelter at the end of the day I put it in for the night and it was great! Warm and the huge front pocket kept all my smaller items, including my phone nice and warm. I am a hammock camper so I didn’t take a quilt with me as this puffy did the job of keeping me warm while sleeping all night in the 30’s.I knew it would be a fantastic addition to my gear and it didn’t disappoint. It breaks the wind, and keeps you so warm… it is worth every penny spent… thanks so much for making this amazing pullover puffy jacket. Thinking about some pants now!?!

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