Napsiktok Tri-Fuel Titanium Stove

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The Napsiktok Stove is the lightest tri-fuel stove on the market and the answer to your ultralight backpacking boiling needs. With its full titanium construction, it weighs 3/4 of an ounce, can be fueled by Esbit, Alcohol, or Wood, and its 5 piece design allows it to fold up and pack into your backpack without taking up valuable space.



  • Esbit Burning Mode: Assemble the fire grate in its highest position and place a solid fuel tab in the center. The distance from the Esbit tablet to the bottom of the pot is the optimal distance for efficient heating.

  • Alcohol Burning Mode: Assemble the fire grate in the lowest position and place your alcohol stove (or tealight stove) on the grate. Alternatively, remove the firegrate altogether and place your alcohol stove on the ground and use only the 4 stove walls to support the pot.

  • Wood Burning Mode: Assemble the fire grate in the lowest position (same as alcohol burning mode) and insert twigs and branches in a “log cabin” style formation.

  • Dimensions: 3.125 × 3.125 × 3.125 in

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1 Review

wl 4th Jan 2021

I'm liking it so far.. eager to use it

an extremely light and surprisingly rigid stove. a puzzle within the first minute of initial assembly, but it goes together well and stays put after picking it up, turning it upside down, tossing it about, having it fall etc. cooking pot/cup is feels solid when place upon the top of the stove.

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