Revolt V2 Custom Underquilt

  • Ultralight down underquilt
  • Differential cut
21.45 Ounces (608.11 Grams)
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21.45 Ounces (608.11 Grams)
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Revolt V2 Custom Underquilt 

The Revolt V2 is an underquilt designed to keep your backside warm while you’re in a hammock. Now with vertical baffles, the Revolt V2’s adaptable suspension system can be used with almost any hammock. It comes in both a short (55" length) and regular (80" length) version. The regular sized version provides full body warmth, and the short version relies on booties and/or a sit pad to help insulate your feet.

Easy-to-reach shock cords attach to your hammock ridgeline and allow you to fine-tune the position of the Revolt V2 easily while lying down. Shock cords along the head and foot ends let you adjust the fit for warmer or colder nights. The regular sized V2 also has shock chords that allow for specific footbox adjustments.

The Revolt V2 features a differential cut, meaning the outer fabric is larger than the inner fabric, so the down stays fully lofted even when the underquilt is pulled snug against your hammock.


  • 850fp Grey Duck Down or 950fp Grey Goose Down. Ethically sourced from an RDS certified supplier. Down product weights may vary +/- 5% due to production variances. Read more about our Fills.


  • Ultralight nylon fabric. DWR finish. Available in ether 7D, 10D, or 20D fabric. Fabric colors might appear slightly different from images shown. Read more about our Fabrics.


  • Watch this video to learn about all available custom options.

  • 45" width for full coverage underneath your hammock.

  • Differentially cut inner and outer fabrics keep down fully lofted.

  • Adjustable suspension system works with almost any hammock, with 18 foot suspension shock cords you can cut to size.

  • Easy-to-use shock cords at both head and foot ends for temperature control. Regular sized quilt has shock chord adjustments specifically for the footbox.

  • Selecting a custom option of "draft collar" adds draft collars to the head and foot of your Revolt. There are 2 draft collars in total.

  • Vertical baffles help to mitigate down migration while hammocking.

  • Includes Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3oz-.8oz), 100% cotton storage bag, 2 EE Mini-Carabiners for simplified setup and take-down of tarps and UQs, and 2 x 18′ 3/32″ shock cord for suspension.


Handmade in Winona, Minnesota

Important Note: Custom orders cannot be changed once they are in production. Returned custom orders (or customer orders cancelled once production has started) will incur a 20% restocking fee. No exceptions. For more information, check out our policies.

Note: All quilt height and width measurements reference the dimensions of the sewn but not stuffed product. Each quilt type measures differently based on product design. For sizing related questions, please review our sizing guide located on the tab above. The length measurement below is taken while the quilt is completely open and laid flat. When the footbox is fully closed the length will decrease by 4” - 6”. Unless otherwise noted, this chart reflects the weight of 10D outside and inside fabric.