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The Accomplice is the highest value two-person quilt available. This quilt specifically features a sewn-closed 3D footbox that provides ample room for you and your partners feet while limiting dead air space that needs to be heated. When it’s warm simply use it like a blanket and kick a foot out. When it’s cold, cinch down the sides with our pad attachment system. The Accomplice is perfect for hikers, canoeists, kayakers, climbers, and cyclists who need minimal weight, maximum warmth, and room for two. 

The Accomplice ships with our standard Accomplice two pad strap. For more options, if you need extras, or are looking for replacements check out Accomplice Pad Straps Page.


  • A sewn-closed 3D footbox minimizing weight and maximizing warmth.

  • Pad attachment system using elastic straps and clips on each side of the quilt to keep you securely on your pad. This gives you the ability to cinch down the sides on those cold nights.

  • Our proprietary draft blocker between the neck enclosures, along with snaps and drawstrings, allow either sleeper to cinch tight or open up their side of the quilt for independent temperature and comfort control.

  • U shaped baffles keep the down where you need it - all night long.

  • Ethically sourced down from an RDS certified supplier that verifies that none of the down in the supply chain is acquired through live plucking or forced-feeding.

  • Zero PFC DownTek treated down which helps the down resist moisture longer, and dry out quicker if it does get wet.

  • 10D fabric made of a customized, lightweight, and durable nylon that offers breathability and comfort.

  • Optional 20D ripstop nylon that has been customized to increase comfort and offers higher durability and water resistance.

  • Optional 7D micro ripstop nylon for lowest weight options. Note: 7D is slightly less downproof than the other fabrics, so when choosing this option, be prepared to treat your gear with care.
  • Fabric colors may appear different from images shown due to rendering and monitor differences. Read more about our Fabrics.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.

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59 Reviews

Mitchell Johnson 4th Dec 2018

A great quilt for all occasions

Every couple has their own sleeping habits. Some sleep in different beds because one of them kicks. Others clutch each other in an embrace the whole night. And still other are somewhere in between. The Accomplice is perfect for every couple.

The specs are all up on top of the page, but suffice it to say the Accomplice checks all the ultra-light boxes. Super light weight and compactable, it's perfect for backpacking, whether for a weekend or a thru-hike. It's also incredibly versatile. The design allows for hot sleepers (me) to stick a leg out on warm nights, while not disturbing their partner. I was surprised at how little movement was translated when my partner shifted around at night; it was almost as though we were in our own separate bags.

But we definitely weren't, and that's the biggest advantage of the Accomplice. My partner and I are self-professed "snuggle bugs," and the Accomplice satisfies our cuddling inclinations. I talked about hot nights already, but the Accomplice can be just as valuable when camping at the lower end of its temperature range. We camped on the north shore of Lake Superior in October and, unexpectedly (expectedly?), there was a cold snap. Got down to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit that night. We were definitely cold, but it wasn't the quilt that betrayed us: it was our sleeping pads. All through the night, anything that the quilt was touching was toasty warm, and anything the pad was touching was an icicle. Truly, the Accomplice showed its muscle that night. However, for any temperatures much colder than that, I'd definitely suggest a sleeping bag. Sometimes the unparalleled snugness of a mummy bag is indispensable.

As I finish up the review, I will supply one caveat. If you get the Accomplice, I would suggest purchasing a couple more Accomplice Pad Straps. It's been discussed in other spaces, but the downfall of many an Accomplice user is the dreaded "gap." If you and your partner are using two separate sleeping pads, and one of you is a sleeper who tosses and turns quite a bit, the sleeping pads can get pushed apart leaving a "gap" with no ground insulation. Trust me, it makes for a cold night (see above). This being said, purchasing a couple extra straps will definitely do the trick. Otherwise, investing in a double-wide sleeping pad is a sure-fired way to solve the "gap" problem.

Tiny critique aside, the Accomplice is an excellent choice for couples who want to snuggle up on the trail at night, or even enjoy a nice front country excursion complete with warm fires and s'mores. I'm so happy we bought it. It revolutionized the way we think about our nights in the woods.

Peter Webber 25th Nov 2018

Accomplice down quilt

I reviewed our accomplice down quilt for Crazy Guy on a Bike:
Hi Tom,
Disclaimer: We do not receive kickbacks of any sort reviewing this piece of gear.

We used -18deg C sleeping bags in South America & were never cold.
Whilst warm, sleeping bags aren't very social when there is two of you.

We have now changed to a -12Deg C Enlightened Equipment Down Quilt.

We have used this in New Zealand,Tasmania & locally for about 2 months of camping so far.

Enlightened Equipment have a pretty good system to hold your sleeping mats together, clipping the quilt to the underside of the mats & have head boxes with drawstrings for each of us to pull tight around your neck or tuck your head down into the quilt for when it gets cold. They do not extend around your head & Vicki sometimes wore a beanie, I did not.

If you get hot, it is easy enough to unclip the quilt from the mat to hang a leg out or throw it off.

These are a truly lightweight piece of equipment, we opted for the 850
fill down (responsibly sourced) & the water resistant outer. We could have gone for the 950 fill down but didn't feel the additional cost was worth the weight saving.

All up, it saves 50% of the weight of our two sleeping bags. That is its like carrying just one sleeping bag.

It packs down to much the same size as a single sleeping bag.

With Enlightened Equipment you are able customise your quilt in fill, colour & water repellent outer covering.

Pricing is probably less than replacing with 2 new separate sleeping bags of the same quality.
The lining material is very silky & comfortable.

Our Enlightened equipment down quilt has ticked all the boxes for us to date, & we have been very satisfied with the purchase.
The company had been recommended to us by two very lightweight American bikepackers, we met in Southern Chile, who had ridden from Alaska. When we returned to Australia I had a look at some of the designs available & settled on Enlightened Equipment for the purchase.

We enjoy warming up quicker together in the quilt than the sleeping bags.

That's our experience

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