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The Accomplice is one of the highest value two-person quilts available anywhere. The minimalist sewn footbox found in our Enigma quilt has been upsized to create the roomiest double quilt available, and our proprietary draft blocker at the neck enclosures allows either sleeper to cinch tight or open up for independent temperature and comfort control, offering both sleepers a comfortable night of sleep. The quilt includes 2 sets of Accomplice Elastic Pad Straps, which work to keep the sides of your quilt tucked down and draft free, while also helping to hold two sleeping pads together. This is the ideal quilt for couples looking to share gear and warmth.



35 Reviews

Tim 27th Jan 2017


I bought this duel person quilt as a upgrade and replacement for my wife and I. I was using an old synthetic 20 degree bag with a Therma-rest and she had a 20 degree down bag with a Neo-air. We are looking at shaving off a few pounds of base weight with this quilt and two person pad when we cycle tour the great lakes and spend some time hiking in Michigan's upper peninsula. I've already slept outside one night on a 20-ish winter night in the backyard for a test and it was really toasty.

Sarah 27th Dec 2016

Yeah, it really is that good.

We've had our 20* Accomplice for about 6 months now and I'm continually impressed. This summer we went on a 2-week trip through Arizona and Utah in temps from the low 40s to the 80s and we were able to stay comfortable throughout the entire range without using the pad straps. I bought it hoping to use it on this trip, and EE worked with me to make sure it was delivered just in time. Good thing, too - with four people + our gear, the car was packed to the brim and there's no way our old bags would have fit. The packability of this quilt is fantastic. It packs up smaller than either of our synthetic 20* mummy bags. Not to mention, the weight savings can't be beat. Between the two of us, we've shaved 4 lbs 4 oz from our packs just by switching to the Accomplice. We pushed it just about to the limit this weekend at 25* and 30* and it performed decently well. We coupled it with wide torso-length sleeping pads with R values = 3. We also wore fleece-lined long underwear and thin insulated jackets (Arcteryx Atom LTs), using the hoods to keep our heads warm. Honestly, we were chilly during the 25* night, but we were each able to sleep on and off. We fared better on the 30* night after adjusting the pad straps and the neck baffles, suffering only cold feet. I think we will need to change up our sleeping pad situation and/or grab some down booties for our next winter trip with this bag. Overall, I'd say that the 20* Accomplice performed more like a men's 25* bag, and I would recommend the 10* version as a true 3-season quilt.

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