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The Accomplice is the highest value two-person quilt available.This quilt specifically features a sewn-closed 3D footbox that provides ample room for you and your partners feet while limiting dead air space that needs to be heated.When it’s warm, use it like a blanket and kick a foot out. When it’s cold, cinch down the sides with our pad attachment system. The Accomplice is perfect for hikers, canoeists, kayakers, climbers, and cyclists who need minimal weight, maximum warmth, and room for two. 

The Accomplice ships with our standard Accomplice two pad strap. For more options, check out Accomplice Pad Straps, if you need extras, replacements, or to work with our customer service team to order your quilt with the strap you need.


  • A sewn-closed 3D footbox minimizing weight and maximizing warmth.

  • Pad attachment system using elastic straps, and clips on each side of the quilt, to keep you securely on your pad, and give you the ability to cinch down the sides on those cold nights.

  • Our proprietary draft blocker between the neck enclosures, along with snaps and drawstrings, allow either sleeper to cinch tight or open up their side of the quilt, for independent temperature and comfort control.

  • U shaped baffles keep the down where you need it, all night long.

  • Ethically sourced down from an RDS certified supplier that verifies that none of the down in the supply chain is acquired through live plucking or forced-feeding.

  • Zero PFC DownTek treated down which helps the down resist moisture longer, and dry out quicker if it does get wet.

  • 10D fabric made of a customized, lightweight and durable nylon that offers breathability and comfort.

  • Optional 20D ripstop nylon that has been customized to increase comfort and offers higher durability and water resistance.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.

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52 Reviews

Traci Franssen 25th Jan 2018


love love love love love this quilt! We have 30* and 0* versions. Simply a dream!

Kim 4th Jan 2018


I can't imagine a better two person sleep system than this. The quilt is ultra light, ultra soft, and ultra cozy. I bought a 10° 950 DT long version and it is absolute bliss when combined with the Big Agnes Q Core SLX double wide sleeping pad. The quilt is great at trapping in heat so you won't be cold, but it's also super easy to stick a leg out if you get too hot. It's truly like sleeping in a bed, you have compete control over how you sleep. The cinches at the top of the quilt are great too if you want to create a mummy bag effect. The quilt packs down so much smaller than you think because of the quality down. This two person system packs smaller and MUCH lighter than anything else, so no more lugging around two heavy and large sleeping bags, free up the space and weight for other things. The quilt is also incredibly easy to stuff back into a compression sack, it isn't a struggle at all unlike traditional sleeping bags. Stop hesitating and buy one if you're looking into it. I promise, there is no better two person system than this.

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