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The Accomplice is one of the highest value two-person quilts available anywhere. The minimalist sewn footbox found in our Enigma quilt has been upsized to create the roomiest double quilt available, and our proprietary draft blocker at the neck enclosures allows either sleeper to cinch tight or open up for independent temperature and comfort control, offering both sleepers a comfortable night of sleep. The quilt includes 2 sets of Accomplice Elastic Pad Straps, which work to keep the sides of your quilt tucked down and draft free, while also helping to hold two sleeping pads together. This is the ideal quilt for couples looking to share gear and warmth.



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Don and Susan 8th Nov 2017

Accomplice Quilt

We like others are new to using a quilt...not sure how we would like it. We are a retired couple who backpack a lot...usually 30+ nights a year in the tent. Elusive sleep on our 3/4 length pads in regular sleeping bags was wearing on us. We purchased the Accomplice, 850 Down, long, rated at 30 degrees. We just spent our first night under it at 8000' in the Rincon Mts. last weekend. Loved it! After reading a lot of reviews we went with the Exped Hyperlight Duo pad... we got the long/wide and must say that may be overkill, I think the regular Duo pad would be plenty. The night time temps up there dropped into the upper 30's and with our normal sleeping attire - Patagucci capilene longs and tops - were plenty warm even though we woke to clouds/moisture/fog that morning. Highly recommend the double quilt! Coupled with the double sleeping pad this is a much more natural way for couples to nights sleep in the tent than we have either had in several years!

Ron Rogers 21st Oct 2017


As a life-long, outdoor adventurer, who routinely ventures out and camps in remote settings, I appreciate good, dependable gear that functions properly and makes my activities safer and more enjoyable. I can honestly say that that after a week of use, I have never been more excited with a piece of equipment than with the EE Accomplice! After using various down sleeping bags and zip together bags for two for several decades, I decided to try a quilt, mainly to save weight. We selected a 20 degree 850 fill Accomplice with weather-resistant stripes, made to our custom specifications. Our first use was in the Trinity Alps at the end of this year's long, cold winter. There was still ice on the adjacent alpine lake and patches of snow on the ground around us. My thermometer read 28 on the coldest morning. My girlfriend was wearing a hoodlum, and I, a knit cap. We were also wearing base layers, and heavy socks. She had on her down jacket. She was cold, and I was not. We decided a temperature upgrade was in order, so I returned my clean quilt and ordered the 10 degree thickness. EE gave me full credit for my returned quilt! We just got through with our 6 day, 6 night backpacking trip in the southern Sierras, where we averaged over 11,500 ft in elevation and climbed Mt Whitney as a day hike. On the last night/morning we caught the southern end of the first Sierra snow storm of the season with high wind gusts and blowing snow. Temps got down to under 28 degrees. The 10 degree quilt performed flawlessly and we were both comfortable wearing clothes similar to those previously used. I tried snapping and draw-stringing my neck opening shut, but I did not like the confinement, so I loosely placed my down jacket under the quilt and on my chest. This worked superbly in keeping out drafts on my chest. In the morning, it was extremely difficult to leave this warm comfort and get moving in the harsh conditions outside the tent! Not only does this two-person sleep system save us about half the normal weight of using two separate bags, it is also much more comfortable to sleep under and adaptable to a wider range of outside temperatures and different warmth demands of the individual sleepers. It is possible to both snuggle with your partner for more warmth, or unhook one or both the elastic straps on the edge of the quilt to let out the right amount of excess heat. Oh, and did I mention this USA- made sleep system (with separate hoodlums) costs less than half of two comparable temp rated, USA-made, premium down sleeping bags?! It's a great deal! Thank you EE for making our outdoor experiences much more enjoyable!

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