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The Accomplice is one of the highest value two-person quilts available anywhere. The minimalist sewn footbox found in our Enigma quilt has been upsized to create the roomiest double quilt available, and our proprietary draft blocker at the neck enclosures allows either sleeper to cinch tight or open up for independent temperature and comfort control, offering both sleepers a comfortable night of sleep. The quilt includes 2 sets of Accomplice Elastic Pad Straps, which work to keep the sides of your quilt tucked down and draft free, while also helping to hold two sleeping pads together. This is the ideal quilt for couples looking to share gear and warmth.



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Sara Amish 10th Sep 2017

Oh my god, it's fantastic

Oh my god, this thing is fantastic. We can share body heat and it's roomy enough for everyone. My boyfriend is exactly 6 foot and I wish I had the chance to get a extra long because it's a bit short. But other than that, absolutely no complaints!

james mcloughlin 1st Sep 2017


Tested the 20degF quilt up in yellowstone (madison campground) MId August, night time lows of 25deg F, the thing works !!! When we first got in the tent I thought how can something this thin work as we initially felt cold when we got in the quilt. After 5mins we were at near perfect temp, it was like magic, we didn't even need to use neck sintches or straps. We used it here for a week before heading down south via redwoods, yosemite & seqouia. Weird thing was we never sweated even when it got warmer. I've only ever owned synthetic cheap bag till now. This things is a rolls royce (SMUG FEELING ME :-)

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