About Our Fabrics

How do we measure fabric weight?

We measure fabric weight in deniers. Deniers measure the thickness of threads in the fabric, and is the weight, in grams, of 9 kilometers of said fiber.

This determines the weight, durability, and thickness of the fabric. Our ultralight fabrics weigh far less than most standard outdoor fabrics but require care that heavier fabrics do not.

7D Fabric - The Lightest - 0.50oz per yard²

Ounce counters and ultralight enthusiasts tend to choose our 7D nylon fabric. Compared to a 10D quilt shell, 7D can shave off precious grams when used across an entire quilt.

However, this tradeoff comes with natural downsides in that 7D ultralight fabric is slightly less durable and wind-resistant than our other options. This means a quilt using 7D fabrics may block less wind, and items made in 7D will require the most care using any of our fabrics.

Furthermore, 7D is translucent, especially when held close to the underlying layer. 7D fabric is also our most breathable option at 35 CFM, which some users prize for windshirts.

CFM, an abbreviation for cubic feet (of air) per minute, is a popular measurement of breathability. The higher the number, the more breathable and less windproof a given fabric is.

More breathable
Lightest fabric we offer
Feels soft on the skin
Great for quilt and apparel liners 

Least wind resistant
Less durable
Limited color options
Lighter colors are translucent

10D Fabric - The All-Rounder - 0.65oz per yard²

Our 10D ultralight fabric offers an ideal balance of weight, breathability, and durability, as well as the most color options. We offer many of our stock products in 10D because it is both comfortable against the skin and somewhat wind-resistant.

If in doubt, it’s a good idea to choose 10D.

Widest variety of colors
Good balance of weight, durability and feel
Great option for most apparel/sleeping equipment

Not the lightest or most durable
Lighter colors are translucent

20D Fabric - The Toughest - 1.10oz per yard²

The most durable nylon fabric we carry is 20D. 20D is a good choice in outerwear for bushwhacking, or for quilts that will be used to cowboy camp without protection like a bivy. If you tend to be hard on gear, or have pets you bring on trail, it might be beneficial to choose 20D to help your gear last longest. At 1 CFM, it is functionally windproof. It also adds a few ounces compared to 10D, but is still an ultralight fabric at 1.1oz per square yard.

Most durable fabric we offer
Most wind resistant
Colors are not translucent

Heaviest fabric we offer
Not as breathable
Limited color options

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

At the end of the day, unless you’re an extreme gram counter, the fabric is primarily a subjective and personal choice. What color quilt you choose may be equal parts self-expression as it is a breathability decision, and we welcome that. For quilt color combination inspiration, check out our social media pages or our customizable sleeping quilt pages.