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The Convert is designed for those who want to try the versatility and relaxed feel of a quilt, but aren’t quite ready to give up the familiarity and security of a traditional sleeping bag. When it’s cold, cinch down the sides with our pad attachment system, or close the full length zipper to use as a sleeping bag. When it’s warm, open the zippered footbox completely and use it like a blanket. Choose this Convert to meet your performance needs, without carrying any unnecessary weight.

Want to sleep next to your partner? Multiple same length Converts can be zipped together to form a larger sleep system (though for a quilt specifically designed for two users, check out the Accomplice). The Convert does it all, while still being one of the lightest sleep systems on the market!

If you need a size, temperature, down fill, or color that isn't available here, consider ordering a custom Convert.


  • Full length zipper, with double draft blocking tubes, to allow for use as a quilt or sleeping bag.

  • Pad attachment system for quilt mode, using elastic straps, and clips on each side of the Convert, to keep you securely on your pad, and give you the ability to cinch down the sides on those cold nights.

  • Snap and drawstring neck closer, fits securely around your shoulders to fine-tune draft control.

  • Tapered full length vertical baffles keep the down where you need it, all night long.

  • Half taper design to minimize weight while reflecting the natural shape of the human body.

  • Ethically sourced down from an RDS certified supplier that verifies that none of the down in the supply chain is acquired through live plucking or forced-feeding.

  • 850 Zero PFC DownTek treated down which helps the down resist moisture longer, and dry out quicker if it does get wet.

  • 10D fabric made of a customized, lightweight and durable nylon that offers breathability and comfort.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.


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6 Reviews

CamperGirl 23rd Aug 2018

Top-notch performer

I ordered one of these 10 degree bags in regular and one in wide for my husband. We are both restless sleepers and did not want mummy bags. After much research, I took the plunge. We both love the freedom to customize the configuration of the bag by either affixing it to the straps (and hence, sleeping pad) cinching the bottom, or zipping up the entire bag. The down lofted beautifully, and kept us toasty warm down (with only cinching the feet) to about 40 degrees with a good insulated sleeping pad below. I look forward to testing this in cooler temps; based on how well it performed at warmer temps I'm confident it will do the job. One caveat: per other reviews I have read, the bags give off a gamey, almost wet-dog smell in humid conditions. Not a deal breaker, but something to be aware of. When we took it from the eastern region of the US out west, the smell was barely perceptible (no humidity out west), but once I returned east, there it was again. I was told by customer service this smell is due to the type of down used. I'm going to keep these bags, as they are good performers. My priority is comfort, performance, and light weight. These bags get 5 stars for all 3 of these factors.

Kevin 11th Aug 2018


Very light weight, versatile, great transition for a sleeping bag user thinking about using a quilt system. The quality work is top of the line and the materials are wonderful. It’s soooo warm and cozy, yet light weight like a baby’s blanket! And can be customized for wider shoulders for us side sleepers!

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