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The Convert is designed for those who want to try the versatility and relaxed feel of a quilt, but aren’t quite ready to give up the familiarity and security of a traditional sleeping bag. The quilt uses our simple and adaptable pad attachment system, with low profile clips, and elastic straps. The Convert has full length vertical baffles to keep down where it’s needed so you stay warm. A full length zipper, double draft blocking tubes, and reinforced zipper backing are in place, for when you want to use the Convert like a sleeping bag. The zipper can be used down the center, on the left, or right side so it is always accessible.

Want to sleep next to your partner? Multiple same length Converts can be zipped together to form a larger sleep system (though for a quilt specifically designed for two users, check out the Accomplice). The Convert does it all, while still being one of the lightest sleep systems on the market!



20 Reviews

Dave wheal 28th May 2017

Convert quilt

Well I bit the bullet and purchased a convert quilt after looking at them for some time. Delivery to the UK was quick considering they are made once order placed, on arrival I wasn't disappointed, it was lightweight and packed down small. I went for the 50° option as I sleep hot and temps in UK summer don't drop that low. Just got back from a three trip in Welsh mountains and it performed spot on, I've used it nearly every weekend since delivered. In fact I like it so much I'm going to placed another order and treat myself to a new winter quilt. Hats off to the team for a great piece of kit, anyone in UK reading this buy with confidence as they fantastic company to deal with. Many thanks Dave (Wonky) Wheal

Ryan cooper 23rd May 2017


Just brought my convert out on our first canoe trip, and it preformed just as I'd hoped! I'm 30 now, and I've been using the same sleeping bag since someone left it at my house when I was about 14.i live in Northern Ontario (Canada), do a lot of ice fishing and winter camping, and am out camping constantly in the summer. I'm 6'4", 240 lbs and with my previous barrel bag zipped up, it came up to the middle of my shoulders, and I could barely move, and, when I did, the bag would unzip. It was heavy, but I still would have to pack extra blankets and things for security on our winter trips. Plus, I'm a side sleeper, and come to think of it, I can count the good sleeps I've had in the wilderness over the past years, on both hands because of that fact. I have a nice exped mattress, and had wanted an enigma for a long time, but I tend to buy "the newest thing" and regret not gettin the classic,tried and trusted pieceof gear. But last year, in haste, I bought the biggest 3 season bag I could find at an outdoors store right before a canoe trip in the fall. I spent the trip with the bag unzipped so I could move, and had to wear extra clotheswhile sleeping which made me sweat, which made me and the bag damp, which made me cold. It wasn't fun. Returned it, and Took my old barrel bag on a winter trip, we had ATVs, so I brought a bunch of blankets. Again, I opened my barrel bag up to sleep under it, and with a lot of extra blankets was barely warm and sweat because of the extra clothes I had to put on. I decided to take a gamble, an when I got back, I went on the enlightened website and bought a quilt. I chose the convert, because it alleviated the stress of purchasing a quilt and not having a sleeping bag anymore. I chose 850 down to save some money, x-long and x-wide in the hopes that I'de able to cover my whole body and move and -12c (10f) so I could bring it out in the winter with me. Not that it matters but I got it in 20d tangerine outside and 10d coyote in (looks like a retro 70s bag). It arrived in a month, and felt incredibly light for the size of box it came in. It came in an oversized cotton stuff sack with the custom specs hand written on it (perfect for storing and not over compressing when not on a trip) with a small stuff sack for your trips and pad straps. Mine is huge! It easily drapes over the sides of my queen mattress, and lofts up about 3-4inches, but stuffs into a 10-15l sack and weighs 32oz. It packed easily away in my pack for my canoe trip. First night it was supposed to be 4°c (39f) but it dipped down to -2°c (28f), I zipped myself up in my convert with a very thin base layer on, I could move! and I could pull the sleeping bag over my head without my toes being squished in the bottom of the bag. I was still chilly from stripping down outside, and I could feel my body heat radiating back at me as the bag warmed up. I rolled on my side, and, like I do in my bed at home, I pulled my knees up to my waist... I still had room and should move easily, amazing! I was already feeling pretty toast, and when I woke up once in the middle of the night, I was very warm! I took my one arm out of the quilt for a second to see what the difference in temp was, it was so much colder out there, so I quickly tucked my arm back in, and fell back asleep. When I woke up, the sun had already risen. That never happens, I'd had a good nights sleep, in the cold no less. Amazing. Later that day my girlfriend took a nap in the tent and used my mattress and sleeping bag and really liked it. We knew it was going to be about 8° (46f) so we weren't going to be that cold, and she asked if we could put our pads together, lay her open sleeping bag over them like a bed sheet and open the quilt and use it over both of us as a blanket. It worked great. Neither of us were cold, and I slept through the night again. The third day was the day I was concerned about the most, because we were supposed to get thunderstorms with about 8 mm of rain all day . we were in a three person tent so I arranged the sleeping bags inside to make sure they weren't touching the walls of the tent wicking up moisture while we were out during the day. I was still concerned about all the moisture in the air though, and didn't know how the down would hold up. I Got into bed and it was bone dry. I gave it one last test (because we were leaving in the morning) and set up the beds the way we had them the night before, with the quilt open and often times touching the wall of the tent. Woke up warm, dry and refreshed. I will add another review when I bring it out this winter, but on this trip it exceeded expectations. I only gave it the 4 stars because of the zipper. It got caught pretty bad when I was packing the bag up, and with the 10d fabric it could tear. Overall excellent bag that I am initially happy with.

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