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Named for the idyllic headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River, the Itasca Down Comforter is a lightweight and ultra-cozy comforter that is perfectly suited to the home, cabin, RV, or even backyard tenting. Measuring 90"x85" (about the size of a Queen-sized comforter) it provides abundant room and comfort for those chilly evenings on a getaway or at home. 



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13 Reviews

Isaac 20th Apr 2018


Fantastic Quilt. Purchased a custom in 10F with 850 fill Fits nicely into a stuff sack and very compact for what it is. Just completed a 7 day 4x4 trip in Canyonlands and Bears Ears with my 2.5 year old son. He has a kids sleeping bag but slides out (he wriggles a lot). With two air mattresses and a memory foam pad we slept soundly all night long. Both of us stayed warm and cozy the whole trip, including the last night where we got snowed on and the temp fell to 18F. I did have to be careful to tuck the edge of the quilt under me that night, but once tucked, I stayed toasty warm.

Highly recommended product.

Ron Bogdanoff 17th Feb 2018

Excellent for my use

My wife and I both have 20 degree revelations that are fantastic that we used last season in the Sierras. We were going to northern Death Valley NP first week of Feb 2018 and knowing it can get cold out there we purchased a 20 degree Itasca in case we wanted additional warmth. This worked out great!

We do 4x4 adventure camping so we can bring more with us unlike backpacking. For this we did not need to get a heaver Revelation for very cold weather, but use our 20 degree Revelations and if needed, pull the 20 degree Itasca on top of us. Works great!!

Here is our setup. A Thermarest Dreamtime gives us plenty of insulation from ground cold, a 20 degree revelation, I did not use the straps this trip. Then, in the early morning hours if we want more warmth, we pull the Itasca on top. I only had a light merino wool t-shirt and jeans for sleeping.

Be aware that with the revelation you get your warmth when you use the elastic straps, but with this setup, not required...It would need to get into the upper 10's before I would need the straps I believe. Temps we experienced on this trip were lower 30's and like I say, no straps, light t-shirt, jeans all that was needed.

Quality of the products I purchased are top shelf, I highly recommend EQ.

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