Quilt Layering Adapter

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The Quilt Layering Adapter is an alternative to the Sub-Zero Strap (Quilt Layering Strap).  It connects two quilts to a regular set of straps.  With the Sub-Zero Strap, the user must unclip both quilts separately; the Quilt Layering Adapter allows both quilts to be treated as one layer.


The Details:

These can be used with 2016 - Male/Female Connectors quilts.  

Purchase of one unit includes two pairs, enough for a full system (you do not have to buy two units, like the Sub-Zero Strap).  
Layered Quilt Temperature Ratings


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1 Review

Nicholas 30th Nov 2020

Great but not perfect.

These layering adapters do exactly as advertised, and for that I'm thankful. They hold my quilts together well for some comfortable cold night sleeping. However, nothing is perfect. More plastic means more plastic to avoid sleeping on top of. More room between buckles means you can't cinch the quilts as tightly as normal (I'm one who likes to make the edges of the quilt touch to avoid maximum drafts). All that said, I'm really thankful for them and look forward to using them on some upcoming winter trips.

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