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Shedding water from the waist to just below the knee, the Rain Wrap is a much more comfortable, breathable, and functional piece of gear than rain pants. The 15D silnylon is a durable waterproof fabric that allows the Rain Wrap to be stuffed just about anywhere within reach. The snaps and adjustable shock cord waist help you quickly and easily stay dry, without needing to take off your pack.

The Rain Wrap has tie-out loops on the corners, so it can double as a small tarp if you're trying to wait out the rain or a dry ground cloth after things have cleared up. 

The Rain Wrap is a smart addition for any trip.

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21 Reviews

Ben_There2 12th Sep 2018

Solid Man Skirt

So I do a lot of backpacking in the smokies where it rains roughly 50% of the time all the time and nothing ever ever ever ever dries out. Now the thing about hiking in the rain is that you can either try and stay dry or not, sounds simple enough but people often forget that the key word there is TRY. Now I used to just accept the wet and trudge on because I figured that I'd sweat way too much in rain gear in any temp over 50°f until I got this as a birthday present from my Aunt. long story short I'm converted! It weighs basically nothing and I say that as a super duper ounce counting backpacker and I've found it has lots of different uses. I wear shorts most of the time when I'm hiking and so even at all 6'6 of me this baby is long enough to keep my shorts dry from the outside and breezy enough to help keep them dry from the inside too. Now for this purpose I love it but the way I found myself using it the most was as a sitting skirt so to speak. Like I said in the smokies everything is wet and it never dries so I found myself slipping this bad boy on backwards just to walk around camp and plant my bum on any log I so chose. YMMV but it's never going to Leave my pack until it stops raining forever (which understandably might have far more serious implications but you get the idea)

Craig 6th Jul 2018

leaves much to be desired

Lightweight- which is great, but I'd say the benefits stop there. I purchased 2 of these for my wife and I on our trip to Banff where it rained considerably. The skirts are too short for their intended purpose and we both felt we could have gotten the same if not better (and cheaper) results by tying a garbage bag around our waists.

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