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Shedding water from the waist, to just below the knee, the Rain Wrap is a much more comfortable, breathable, and functional piece of gear than rain pants. The 15D silnylon is a durable waterproof fabric, that allows the Rain Wrap to be stuffed just about anywhere within reach. The snaps and adjustable shock cord waist, help you quickly and easily stay dry, without needing to take off your pack.

Webbing loops at each corner allow you to use the Rain Wrap as a small tarp if you're trying to wait out the rain, or a dry ground cloth after things have cleared up.

The Rain Wrap is a smart addition to any trip.


   Small:      24" x 44.5"

   Medium:  26" x 54.5"

   Large:      28" x 64.5"

12 Reviews

LANCE 12th Sep 2017

Rain wrap

Enlightened Equipment Rain Kilt Just arrived from those nice people in the U.S.A, in less than a week from the quilt makers who give you the prices in pounds as well as dollars. I have been using a ULA rain kilt for a few years now and find it works well. This is the newest Rain Kilt in the UL community, and a departure from EE's usual of quilts and sleeping equipment. The EE medium Kilt weighs in at in at 50g, compared to 73g on my digital scales . It is very light yet doesn't feel like it will shred due to the built in weave of 15D SilNylon. It comes in a small 2g plastic bag unlike the medium ULA which folds into a sewn in pouch on the Kilt. Laid out on top of each other the EE Kilt drop is 8cm shorter and 19cm wider at the waist and bottom. Stitching on the EE looks really nice and the elastic waistband feels of good quality, as does the ULA . These are the same snap fasteners you find on EE Quilts and they appear to be attached using their same method. They snap real tight and hold like I have come to expect of EE. They are small and the pull tabs are a bit short so getting them undone is a bit trickier than I'd prefer. I wouldn't tug too hard on them given that its 15D Sil. Where as the ULA is all Velcro and silicone impregnated nylon. The EE shock cord is very small but holds quite well. The Toggle is also extremely small and light - I am concerned about the durability of it's wee spring being that small. The Toggle is actually fastened to the waist area by means of a sewn loop, this means the cord and knot are pulled separately. I really like that attention to detail, neat idea. ULA have gone for a simple elastic waist band and 10cm Velcro strip. Fit and Shower Test Both Kilts are Medium and am 5 foot 4 inches tall, 34 inch waist. Both kilts are loose fitting around the waist when un adjusted, but not overly so given the shock cord waistbands.With the EE cord and toggle setup you can really tighten it down if needed where as the ULA is internal shock cord only . The length is quite good and does not impede movement due to location of side snap/slit. The opening on the side (or back depending how you wear yours) has the snap about 1/3 the way down leaving the remainder open for movement and flexibility. I was able to stride around the hills with ease and did not feel hindered with my hiking pants on underneath. The work well, plain and simple without the fafing about you get with over trousers. You can put them on standing up with both feet planted firmly on the ground.Are a fraction of the weight and price of breathable over trousers. With a rain jacket on over top to overlap the waistline I don't think you would have any real issues with rain. Heavy winds or sideways Scottish rain may get in at the back through the aforementioned slit, but that would be it. These kilts is light, comfortable, well made. Everything I've come to expect from the American suppliers, craftsmanship with quilts, packs and many other items put into an affordable Rain Kilt. Three years ago I purchased the ULA Kilt and have found it works well. Light, waterproof and a good three inch cover over my rain gaiter tops. Not so the EE rain kilt I find it a little short even for my 21" inside leg, just touches the top of my rain gaiters. On the the hill this proved a deal breaker as my trousers got wet. So will be sticking to my trusty ULA rain kilt for now, the extra length really makes the difference between wet pants and dry even for us shorter guy's.

Todd 3rd Aug 2017


Great product! Fits and wears well. I keep this in my go to bag just so that I have it if it starts stormin', even just around town. And that's just one use!

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