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Rain Wrap

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Shedding water from the waist, to just below the knee, the Rain Wrap is a much more comfortable, breathable, and functional piece of gear than rain pants. The 15D silnylon is a durable waterproof fabric, that allows the Rain Wrap to be stuffed just about anywhere within reach. The snaps and adjustable shock cord waist, help you quickly and easily stay dry, without needing to take off your pack.

Webbing loops at each corner allow you to use the Rain Wrap as a small tarp if you're trying to wait out the rain, or a dry ground cloth after things have cleared up.

The Rain Wrap is a smart addition to any trip.


   Small:      24" x 44.5"

   Medium:  26" x 54.5"

   Large:      28" x 64.5"

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8 Reviews

KB 20th Jun 2017

love the solution, but one gripe

A simple, very light solution to the warm weather drips. Also use as a pack cover/cape sometimes. Only concern is the snap on the vertical edge closure--mine has very short webbing reinforcements, and I wondered if they were supposed to be long enough to grip a bit to unsnap the snaps (one appears to be). I worry I'm going to tear off the whole snap--it spins, and the fabric is slippery. If these were consistently just a quarter of an inch longer, it would make the snap very easy to undo, without fear of tearing it off.

Matt 14th Jun 2017

Super light and works great

The silnylon drapes nicely and the elastic waistband is very comfortable. The innovative loops on the corners are very useful. Add tent stakes, and this wrap becomes a ground sheet for the vestibule of my tent. Easy to put on vs rain pants, no need to take off your shoes when it starts to rain.

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