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Shedding water from the waist, to just below the knee, the Rain Wrap is a much more comfortable, breathable, and functional piece of gear than rain pants. The 15D silnylon is a durable waterproof fabric, that allows the Rain Wrap to be stuffed just about anywhere within reach. The snaps and adjustable shock cord waist, help you quickly and easily stay dry, without needing to take off your pack.

Webbing loops at each corner allow you to use the Rain Wrap as a small tarp if you're trying to wait out the rain, or a dry ground cloth after things have cleared up.

The Rain Wrap is a smart addition to any trip.


   Small:      24" x 44.5"

   Medium:  26" x 54.5"

   Large:      28" x 64.5"

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14 Reviews

David 30th Oct 2017

Good product that needs simple improvements to make it great.

This is a good product. The wrap is very light and comfortable. I almost don't feel it at all. However, some important improvements would be needed to make it great : The overlap is not long enough. This always creates a big opening when I walk. Only two more inches of overlap would make a very good difference without adding much weight. The bottom button is pretty much useless because it is high et situated on the outer edge of the inner flap. So when you button it, you eliminate the overlap all the way down. I think this button should be a few inches inside the inner flap. Besides the useless bottom button, nothing keeps the flaps from going everywhere when it's windy. I fixed this with a elastic cord that I can quickly tie to the bottom webbing loops to keep the two flaps together. I think such a tying system should come standard with the wrap because it changes everything when it's windy. Also, the kilt does not come with a stuff sack, so I wonder how we are suppose to carry it. An integrated small pocket to stuff it into would be a really nice improvement.

Darcy 22nd Oct 2017

Beats rain pants all to heck

I've been carrying this around in my pack for MONTHS, and finally needed it for today's hike. Temps in the mid-40s (Fahrenheit), raining off and on, sleeting occasionally for variety. I didn't want to put on my portable sauna/rain pants, so dug deep to the bottom of my pack and pulled the rain wrap up into the light of day. Easy to put on, comfortable, and kept me dry between waist and gaiters. Worth every penny and then some. One quibble: the tab to make it easier to unsnap could be a little bit bigger, but that's not enough of an issue to drop this from 5 stars to 4.

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