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Designed using CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation, The Revelation APEX, known previously as the Prodigy, is a high value quilt that combines great all weather performance and versatility in a low-cost package. The partially zippered/drawcord footbox allows the quilt to be used fully or partially open to vent excess heat, or to cinch down tight to conserve every last bit of warmth. The Climashield Apex insulation continues to effectively insulate even when wet, which is great for hikers and paddlers who need high versatility and all weather performance on a budget. This is also the ideal quilt for summer use, as the insulation isn't as negatively affected by sweat and oils from extra warm nights.


Synthetic material weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances.

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89 Reviews

Kirsten 23rd May 2017

Small Revelation!

It's been a couple of weeks since my Revelation Apex (slim/short 20) arrived and I wonder how I ever did without it. The fit is perfect and it's kept me warm despite foggy 4°C outside the tent. Just know that when they say "for those who tend to sleep colder, we recommend a rating about 10°F lower than the conditions they’ll likely be out in to accommodate that", they mean it. I went for the warmer and slightly heavier quilt and did not regret it. As promised for the APEX, damp conditions did not significantly affect the insulation. But it sure helped that I was able to dry out the quilt during the day. The quality of the zipper, cord locks, snaps and the fabric (I chose 10 Denier plus weather resistand stripes) is fine. Still, as with any lightweight material, they prefer to be handled with a little care. It's a great quilt I'd love to have with me during Spring and Autum. And for the upcoming Summer, I am looking forward to the 40° Revelation that I already ordered.

Roman Sedykh 25th Feb 2017

Small travel companion (50F Slim Regular)

I wanted the smallest and lightest travel companion without sewn through seams, that's why I've ordered 50F Slim Regular. I'm 5'9" 132 lbs, and I can wrap in this quilt easily. It's perfect for my hammock, and if I'm ground camping, the elastic strap comes handy to help with tossing around. Previous to that I had HammockGear Burrow 50F down quilt, which had sewn through seams and I had to make sure that down is distributed properly. This one doesn't have such problems, and it's also cheaper! I don't think that 50F model needs zipper instead of snaps, but that's totally fine. I with you have warmer models with the sewn foot box and full-length zipper like ZPacks. :-)

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