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The Revolt is a hammock underquilt designed to keep your backside warm in your hammock. The high fill power down options combined with KARO baffles and differentially cut inner and outer fabrics means down stays in position and fully lofted. The extremely adaptable suspension allows the underquilt to be used with almost any hammock, and fine tuning of the position can occur even while laying down. Available in multiple lengths (from Torso to Full length), the 45"-wide Revolt Underquilt is a great choice for hammock sleepers looking to meet their specific UQ needs at the price point right for them.



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Eric 14th Dec 2017

Cold Spots

Purchased the revolt 10 degree 950 fill 75". I have 100's of nights on trail in hammocks and no stranger to UQ's. This was my first EE product and I have many friends who own their bags and top quilts who are very happy. The materials were buttery soft. The stitching and elastics were perfect. Attachment to my hammock was super easy and fast. My first and only trip with the revolt was in the end of September in Yellowstone for 7 nights along the Thorofare and South Boundary Trail. Dipped down to mid 30's most nights maybe high 20's on one night. Unfortunately, there were cold spots throughout the bag. Despite continuous fluffing and trying to redistribute the down, there was simply not enough down to fill every pocket. You could hold up and see where there was just not enough down and half of each pocket was empty. Choices had to be made to stay warm at night. I shifted the down up towards my mid-section and head and wrapped jackets around my legs. Not the first time I had to make inferior items work on trail but disappointing considering the toasty nights I was looking forward to with this upgraded purchase.

Husk 13th Dec 2017

20 degree Revolt pf 950

Psst, hey, wanna be warm when your hanging in your hammock? Get yourself a Revolt! EE has made a GREAT underquilt, the Revolt is very well constructed, super adjustable and above all WARM! The draft collars on both ends allow the quit to be used in various temperatures and are easy to reach while in the hammock. The suspension system is easy to attach and (they aren't joking) extremely adaptable. I am very pleased with this UQ, the EE team should be extra proud of this one.

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