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The Revolt is an underquilt designed to keep your backside warm while you’re in your hammock. The extremely adaptable suspension allows the Revolt to be used with almost any hammock, and you can even fine tune the position of the underquilt easily, while laying down. On warmer or colder nights, you can also adjust the shock cords at either end of the underquilt, to help control temperature. Build your Revolt to meet your performance needs, without carrying any unnecessary weight. 


  • KARO baffles to keep down where you need it.

  • Differentially cut inner and outer fabrics to allow down to stay fully lofted.

  • Adaptable suspension for use with almost any hammock.

  • Adjustable shock cords at either end for temperature control.

  • 45” width to keep your backside covered.

  • Ethically sourced down from an RDS certified supplier that verifies that none of the down in the supply chain is acquired through live plucking or forced-feeding.

  • Zero PFC DownTek treated down which helps the down resist moisture longer, and dry out quicker if it does get wet.

  • 10D fabric made of a customized, lightweight and durable nylon that offers breathability and comfort.

  • Optional 20D ripstop nylon that has been customized to increase comfort and offers higher durability and water resistance.

  • Optional 7D micro ripstop nylon for lowest weight options.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.  



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41 Reviews

Chris 15th Apr 2018

Perfect. Just perfect.

My Revolt 20 under quilt just arrived and I couldn't wait. I hung my hammock from the rafters in the basement to give it a go. The suspension is perfect, even reaching my 12' hammock ends with room to stretch. I got it, got out to make two minor adjustments, and it was perfect. The gathers and main lines give just the right amount of stretch for a perfect snug fit that does not limit the loft in any way. The insulation feels right on the mark for a 20 degree rating. All other issues seem perfect - stitching is excellent, and the overall package is very light and packable. I can't imagine a UQ being better in any way. This is exactly what I would expect after using the Revelation for almost a year. Enlightened Equipment just makes amazing insulation. End of story.

Eric 14th Dec 2017

Cold Spots

Purchased the revolt 10 degree 950 fill 75". I have 100's of nights on trail in hammocks and no stranger to UQ's. This was my first EE product and I have many friends who own their bags and top quilts who are very happy. The materials were buttery soft. The stitching and elastics were perfect. Attachment to my hammock was super easy and fast. My first and only trip with the revolt was in the end of September in Yellowstone for 7 nights along the Thorofare and South Boundary Trail. Dipped down to mid 30's most nights maybe high 20's on one night. Unfortunately, there were cold spots throughout the bag. Despite continuous fluffing and trying to redistribute the down, there was simply not enough down to fill every pocket. You could hold up and see where there was just not enough down and half of each pocket was empty. Choices had to be made to stay warm at night. I shifted the down up towards my mid-section and head and wrapped jackets around my legs. Not the first time I had to make inferior items work on trail but disappointing considering the toasty nights I was looking forward to with this upgraded purchase.

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