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The Revolt is a hammock underquilt designed to keep your backside warm in your hammock. The high fill power down options combined with KARO baffles and differentially cut inner and outer fabrics means down stays in position and fully lofted. The extremely adaptable suspension allows the underquilt to be used with almost any hammock, and fine tuning of the position can occur even while laying down. Available in multiple lengths (from Torso to Full length), the 45"-wide Revolt Underquilt is a great choice for hammock sleepers looking to meet their specific UQ needs at the price point right for them.



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38 Reviews

Jason 6th Nov 2017

Great quality but cold spots

So I also did a review on the Revelation top quilt and I'm having similar issues with the bottom quilt. I have the 20 degree version and while I fluff it well, store it uncompressed, etc. I have a really hard time keeping the down uniform to prevent cold spots. I have several other quilts with no problems but perhaps there is just too much fabric to keep the down in place. Holding either quilt up to a light confirms my suspicions and I have tried on multiple trips to dial it in but I am simply not pleased with either setup. From a quality perspective the quilt is great but having so much empty space for the down to move around creates big empty spaces and I have unfortunately decided to look for something else. The quilt is the 20 degree model.

Adam Snyder 26th Oct 2017


Virtually perfect craftsmanship; comfortable in most night temperatures.

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