​Quilt Hardware and Design


Our sleeping quilts are the product of more than a decade of intentional design and material selection. Here are some specifics on the hardware and design features of our sleeping quilts.

Baffle Design

Our Enigma and Revelation sleeping quilts use U-shaped baffles to minimize shifting and allow for an ideal night's sleep. This combination of vertical and horizontal baffles keeps the footbox fully lofted and your feet toasty on cold nights.

Our convert and conundrum sleeping bags use vertical baffles. Due to their fully enclosed nature, down-shifting horizontally is not a concern.

Due to Climashield Apex’s continuous nature, our synthetic sleeping quilts and sleeping bags do not require baffles.


We use YKK #3 Zippers for our quilts. The Revelation has a 20-inch zipper to allow for conversion from quilt into a blanket. The Convert and Conundrum use full-length zippers that correspond to their height.

Our center-release buckles are specifically chosen for their flat profile to maximize comfort and durability in use with pad straps.

We use snaps to provide neck closures on all our sleeping quilts. Our Revelation and Convert have snaps and elastic shock cords on the bottom to fully close the footbox.

All our quilts feature a top neck closure and a cinch to eliminate drafts. This, combined with our optional neck baffle, allows for maximum comfort in deep, cold conditions.

Pad Straps

One of our pad straps makes a full loop around the sleeping pad, while the straight strap performs as an additional anchor point. Both work together to ensure the quilt stays secure through the night.

To learn more about the construction of our quilts, check out our articles on fabrics or insulation.