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Elastic Pad Straps

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Quilt Straps *

The pad straps. The thing that keeps us all together... or at least keeps us cozy in our quilt. All models sold in pairs - 1 Loop + 1 Straight strap for solo quilts.

These pad strap fit all of our single person quilts.

If you're looking for a strap for your Accomplice, try this page.

8 Reviews

Matt 4th May 2016

Simple and effective

I ordered a replacement set after losing one of my original straps (the loop). Should've done it sooner - these are much better at minimizing drafts than just trying to tuck the sides of the quilt in. I leave the straps attached to my sleeping pad and roll it up with them in it. A few dollars well spent!

19th Sep 2015

one strap sewn to itself

These were the straps I needed, but one of them had its 2 ends sewn to each other, while the other just had the folded welt sewn on one end, which his what is needed.. ??? *Note From EE: This is what is meant by the product description mentioning one loop strap and one straight strap*

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