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The Minion is a strange accessory. Originally designed to be used as a pillow, it quickly morphed into a multipurpose piece of gear that will do almost anything you ask it to. Soft breathable fabric on the inside, waterproof silnylon on the outside, and synthetic insulation in the middle. The Minion can adapt to use as a pillow, stuff sack, hand warmer, face buff, sit/kneel pad, fanny pack (or bum bag in the UK and Australia), and even a food rehydration cozy. In an emergency the Minion can even function as a hat or balaclava, for most people.

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24" x 20" (61cm x 51cm)


  • Durable and waterproof 15D gray silnylon outer fabric to keep out snow or rain.

  • Customize your liner fabric in a wide variety of colors. Choose from 10D lightweight and durable nylon for breathability and comfort or 7D micro ripstop nylon for the lowest weight option.

  • Fabric colors may appear different from images shown due to rendering and monitor differences.
  • Snap and drawstring closures on either end helps you adjust each end so you can use the Minion for whatever you need.

  • 20" zipper.
  • CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation.

  • Handmade in Winona, Minnesota.

CLIMASHIELD™ APEX weights may vary +/- 10% due to production variances.

We accept returns of new and unused items with all tags attached, within 30 days of shipment. Returned custom orders, or custom orders cancelled after 48 hours, incur a 20% restocking fee. For more information, check out our policies

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7 Reviews

Trish Morrow 18th Jul 2018

excellent for cold hips/back

My sleeping bag is a little thin on 2 back panels. i often get a cold hip or back. Just returned from a central Australia hike with very cold overnights (-3 to 4 celsius). Popped the minion under my thermals and problem solved! And it weighs nothing. Brillian bit of kit. Maybe rejig it and make it as just a straight rectangulat piece, a little longer, and no pressstuds, etc. Lots of folk get the cold hip and this is an easy resolution. Better than stuffing my down jacket in the bag.

Terry Hargraves 31st Mar 2018

My goodness, this is a clever idea!

Within the first two weeks of owning my Minion, I think I may have tried packing every piece of my gear in it at one point or another. I settled on using it for my entire sleep system. I rolled my Thermarest XTherm pad into the Minion, and had room inside the pad roll for my EE quilt, long johns, Cocoon pillow, EE hoodlum, EE booties, EE mittens, AND a battery-powered pad inflator, and it all stuffs into the sleeping bag compartment of my pack. At night I stuff my puffy jacket and Cocoon pillow into the Minion, inflate the Cocoon for just the right loft, don the long johns, Hoodlum, booties and mittens and I'm toasty for the night. At least, I hope so! Doesn't get cold here in Texas but I'll put them to the test this summer in the Rockies. In the summer, it still comes in handy. It's a table, a chair, a stuff bag - the possibilities are endless and appreciated. This is one fine piece of ultralight multifunctional gear.

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